Singularity Edit

TAP BUTTON: Deploys a gravity well that lifts and damages unshielded and unarmored enemies. Primes enemies for combo detonations.

Cost Rank Description Bonus
1 Singularity Throws a singularity to the enemy DPS: 35

Radius (m): 3

Duration (s): 8

Recharge Time (s): 24

2 Recharge Speed Mildly increases recharge speed +10% Recharge speed
3 Damage Increases damage per second +25% Damage per second
4 Duration Increases duration +40% Duration
4 Radius Increases radius +25% Effect Radius
5 Recharge Speed Increases recharge speed +25% Recharge Speed
5 Anti-Shield Deals extra damage vs Shields +150% Damage vs. Shields
6 Exploding Singularity The singularity explodes after the effect ends, dealing damage in a radius Area Damage: 350

Force: 700

6 Expanding Singularity Radius expands by 200% over the singularity lifetime +200% Radius over time

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