The Sidewinder is a pistol in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Description Edit

The Sidewinder rapid-fire pistol is a newly developed weapon, crafted by Nexus exiles with materials and technologies unique to the Andromeda Initiative and the Heleus Cluster. Versatile and reliable, the Sidewinder is perfect for a user with few resources to fall back on.

Mods and Augmentations Edit

As with other weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the Sidewinder can be outfitted with mods to improve its stats. Additionally, various augmentations can be applied during development.

Rank Damage Rate of Fire Clip Size Ammo Accuracy Weight Research Cost Dev Cost
1 109 380 6 42 58 10
2 115 380 6 43 62 9
3 123 380 6 44 65 9
4 129 380 6 46 67 8
5 137 380 6 47 69 8

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