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Disambiguous This article is about the Mass Effect class specialization. For the Mass Effect 2 Combat Mastery evolution, see Combat Mastery. For the geth unit, see Geth Shock Trooper.
Codex ME - First Contact War

The Shock Trooper is one of the two specialization classes for Vanguards and Soldiers. Highly trained killing machines, Shock Troopers excel in all combat situations.

Shock Troopers sport increased health and damage protection, as well as specializing in the Immunity, Barrier, and Adrenaline Burst abilities.

  • Immunity Specialization: Reduces the recharge time of Immunity by 25%
  • Barrier Specialization: Increases strength and duration of barrier by 25% and allows the barrier to regenerate 40 shields per second.
  • Adrenaline Burst Specialization: Reduces the recharge time on Adrenaline Burst by 25%

Talent Level BonusesEdit

Bonus: Health bonus / Damage protection
Rank Bonus Notes
7 4% / 6% Stacks with Soldier/Vanguard bonuses.
8 6% / 8%
9 8% / 10% Barrier or Immunity Specialization.
10 10% / 12%
11 12% / 14%
12 14% / 16% Adrenaline Burst Specialization.

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