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Shipping Warehouse Zakera Ward
The Shipping Warehouse is a location in the Citadel. Located in Zakera Ward's Mid-Ward District, the warehouse is located on the 26th level of a building. This warehouse serves as a short-term storage area for goods that are waiting to be distributed to the wards or to waiting freighters. The portion of the warehouse accessible consists of a lobby, a staircase, and a conference/reception room. Items can be retrieved from the warehouse if a customer has a service order.

On the day Commander Shepard visits the warehouse, a human is attempting to retrieve an item he believes is stored in the warehouse and is attempting to convince a salarian to help him. Two years before, the human had tried to get a refund from a turian shopkeep.

Later, during Garrus' loyalty mission, the Commander will encounter a volus and his krogan bodyguards in the warehouse.


  • The full transcript of the conversation between the human and the salarian can be found on the discussion page.
  • Before entering the warehouse, an advertisement can be heard promoting the Tupari beverage.

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