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Shadow Broker Engineer
Shadow Broker Engineer
Enemy Container-SH
Race Salarian
Type Organic, Tech
Faction Shadow Broker
Armament M-6 Carnifex
Abilities Drone ME2 Icon Combat Drone
Incinerate ME2 Icon Incinerate
Tech Armor ME2 Icon Tech Armor
Health Moderate
Shields Moderate
Locations Illium, Hagalaz
Shadow Broker Engineers are the tech specialists of the Shadow Broker's private army. They are armed with heavy pistols and use their talents to defend the Shadow Broker's interests and his ship.

Capabilities Edit


Shadow Broker Engineers are equipped with the M-6 Carnifex and have the Combat Drone and Incinerate abilities.


Shadow Broker Engineers have moderate health and shielding. They also have access to the Tech Armor ability.

Tactics Edit

  • Engineers are fond of using their Incinerate and Combat Drone abilities so make sure to either keep in cover when they use the former, and shoot the drone when they use the latter.
  • Engineers also have access to Tech Armor, so they can have additional defenses.
  • Energy Drain is useful to quickly lower their shields, whilst contributing to your own.

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