Blue Suns Founder. Lost leadership of Suns through lack of interpersonal skills and political judgment. High mission success rate even after near-death experience. Has completed several missions offered by agents (involvement of the Shadow Broker in these missions withheld).

Audio TranscriptEdit

Partial transcript of conversation recorded on the Normandy's lower decks:

Zaeed Massani: So this hotshot turian moves in by the door, ignores my hand signal, and gets hit straight through the visor.

Kelly Chambers: Oh my.

ZM: It's like he was expecting slavers to hand out business cards instead of bullets.

KC: Was he all right?

ZM: The turian? Nah, sniper took his head clean off.

KC: Oh dear.

ZM: Right. It all went to shit after that. We jammed their radio equipment, but the slavers got off a shuttle that came back with a bomb.

KC: But they were keeping people in that camp!

ZM: Sure, they'd lose some credits, but there's always another civilian transport in the Terminus Systems.

KC: So I'm beginning to realize. What did you do?

ZM: Got the hell out. We killed their captain and the guards like we were hired. I figured the merc flying the shuttle wouldn't be dumb enough to blow up his own base once we left.

KC: What happened?

ZM: The Blood Pack always did like them incredibly goddamn stupid.

Personal LogEdit

A personal note written by Massani to himself after being approached by Cerberus. He writes in a coding system that's popular among Terminus Systems mercs. (See entry 15-AF459081-34 for the non-deciphered text.)

This could be it. If this Illusive Man's money goes through, it's time to get serious about buying a property. Got to narrow it down to a place I can stand for more than a year.

Elysium? Only if the Alliance gets serious about taking out the batarians in the Verge, so not in my lifetime. Illium's an easy place for a man to disappear whether he wants to or not. Think I'll pass. Earth's still too bloody crowded. Bekenstein? Decent weather, good food, mostly human. Good choice if I can stay under the radar. Eden Prime? Best garden world in the galaxy, but nothing's rebuilt but the farms.

Hell, maybe I should just buy a ship full of explosives and commit suicide by Omega. Easiest retirement plan I've come up with so far.

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