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Asari Justicar. Rigidity of Justicar Code makes her movements and mission outcomes predictable. Mother of three Ardat-Yakshi, one of which remains wanted for murder in Citadel Space.

Transmission LogEdit

Transmission log, 1755 CE
Samara: I have called you together to ask something of you. It is not a small thing, but it is for the best. Rila, Falere, are you receiving this?

Falere: Quite well.

Rila: [Indistinct]-s, Mother.

F: We're in a common room, her communicator's too near the door. [Door shuts.] Try now, Mother.

S: This news would be best delivered in person, but I am not allowed to travel before tomorrow. I have something I must do. It is hazardous, and thus I must do it alone.

F: What do you mean, hazardous?

S: Tomorrow I take the Oath of Solitude. It is to prepare me for the other oaths, but it means--

F: You what?

S: It is an oath required of all who--

F: I know what it means, Mother! I'm forty-two years old, I have heard of justicars.

S: Then... do you understand why I must do it?

F: No.

S: The life of a justicar is dangerous. I will make enemies, and they would seek to use you-

F: That I understand! What is not clear is why you do this in the first place. Is it not enough that we live a hundred light-years away from you in a dank fortress? That we have no communicator of our own but must use this communal one? Do you know what it means to us to hear your voice?

S: I am sorry, Falere.

F: And now you take that away.

S: That is wounding, but it is the truth. I wish there were some other path.

F: And you called us instead of coming to see us.

S: If I came to see you, I would never leave. You know what that would mean.

F: Is she that terrible, Mother? Is she so much of a menace that you would deny us ever seeing you, ever hearing your voice again?

S: My dear... I cannot lose her on the world and pretend I owe her victims nothing. Her crimes are my crimes. In time you may see as I do.

F: Time is a weak salve for a fresh wound.

S: Please... do not let anger ruin this. We will have our lives to contemplate the pain and loss. Can we not see from one another's eyes, just for a moment?

F: (silence)

S: Falere?

F: I don't want to lose you, Mother. Not over someone as small as Mirala, or whatever she calls herself now.

S: And Rila? You have been silent. Are you in accord?

R: I can only say I will yearn for you too.

S: Surely you have more than that.

R: Is this the only way you will have any righteousness, Mother?

S: It will let me live a just life.

R: Then the Goddess forbid I take it from you.

[Rila terminates call.]

F: She loves you, Mother. She did not say it, but she does.

S: And you? Can you understand why I must do this?

F: Catch her. Just catch her.

[Falere terminates call.]


Possessions bequeathed by Justicar Samara:

Large Goods:
- Four-bedroom home on Thessia
- Furniture and household appliances
- Elkoss Sapphire family skycar

Clothing and Jewelry:
- Casual clothing (approx. 20 outfits)
- Intimate negligees (3) - Dancing dresses (4)
- Bond ceremony gown
- Bond ceremony bracelet
- Holo-locket (images of bondmate, children -- reprogrammable)
- Baby and children clothing (various)

- Lifetime Serrice Fitness membership pass
- First-place trophy (amateur skyball league) - Vid and novel library (various)
- Photo albums (various)
- Sculpture of Samara and bondmate
- Personalized "Happy Birthday Mom" travel mug with photo of Samara and children (handle cracked and repaired, some glue marks visible)
- Memorial sphere (bondmate)
- Birthing creche

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