C-Sec captain. Survivor of Reaper attack on Citadel. Prefers dealing with Zakera Ward's criminal element "off the record." Ample blackmail material.

Business CorrespondenceEdit

From: Captain Bailey
To: Zakera Ward Officer Mailing List
Subject: New Recruit Basics

Listen up!

I'm sending this out because too many of our new recruits don't get that being part of C-Sec on the Citadel isn't like security on a garden planet. I want you to drill the following into their heads until they're sick of your voice:

1. Learn Your District
Contacts don't make themselves. There's a mandatory minimum of twenty hours on foot patrol during your work week. No exceptions.

2. Update Your Translators
The Citadel gets more than nine million tourists a week. You need to understand whether that drunk from Omega's enjoying the nightlife or telling his buddies to flank you.

3. Eyes Are On Us
Everyone from the Council to your bus driver is watching the new C-Sec. Yak all you want in the locker room, but remember a mistake in uniform can get plastered over the whole damn galaxy's news network.

That's it for now. Come to me with any problem cases you think we need to lean on or boot out.


Incoming Correspondence ListEdit

List of materials read by Citadel C-Sec Officer Captain Bailey (Zakera Ward, Citadel) on 05/23/2184:

- Summary of the previous day's Council meeting

- Citadel Newsnet (front page stories, sports, arts entertainment)

- Email from his ex-wife re: cancelled visit to the Citadel

- "VIP Looters: Dark Side of the Colonies," a Citadel Newsnet Article of the Day, by Erlan Golta

- Report from Detective Nepatu Casha on murder suspect Rose Jones (Note: Jones is innocent. See footage from camera 41-F5JA-YF)

- Department of Citadel Rapid Transport emergency news bulletin re: cancellation of service from Zakera Ward to Tayseri Ward

- Request for backup from Captain Keethem of Tayseri Ward

- A note from Tayseri Ward intendant Sonull Beresh expressing sorrow re: loss of officers Lambart Yungira and Bretnas Somalda to gunmen on Tayseri Ward

- A request from Captain Keethem to temporarily transfer two C-Sec officers from the Citadel's Zakera Ward to Tayseri Ward

- Invitation from Captain Keethem to meet at "the usual place" (Ohera's Bar and Grill, level 16, Zakera Ward, northwest corner booth)

- Email from ex-wife re: gang-member shootout, Bailey's health

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