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Shadow Broker Agent
Shadow Broker Agent
Enemy Container-SH
Race Batarian or Human
Type Organic
Faction Shadow Broker
Armament M-8 Avenger
Abilities Neuralshock Flashbang Grenade
Health Moderate
Shields Low
Locations Illium, Hagalaz
Shadow Broker Agents are the rank and file soldiers of the Shadow Broker's private army. They are encountered by Shepard, Liara, and the squad during the mission to bring down the Shadow Broker. They are present on Illium and at the Shadow Broker's base on Hagalaz.

Capabilities Edit


Shadow Broker Agents are armed with the standard M-8 Avenger and can use Flashbang Grenades.


Shadow Broker Agents have moderate health and on higher difficulty levels will also have light shielding.

Tactics Edit

  • Shadow Broker Agents are the rank and file soldiers of the Broker's army, but they also have the Flashbang Grenade ability, which makes them more dangerous than other Troopers.
  • Agents will use their Flashbangs to dislodge you from cover and take out your shields. If one lands near your position, move as far away from it as you can and make sure Shepard is "looking away". This will help prevent being blinded by the grenade.

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