The ice planet Voeld has potential, but a lot will need to be done before the Initiative can create a viable outpost.

Acquisition Edit

After landing on Voeld, Pathfinder Ryder will receive this mission automatically.

Walkthrough Edit

Find An Outpost Site Edit

When Ryder gets close to the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconto the southwest of Techiix, the mission updates.

Reach 40% Viability On Voeld Edit

40% viability is the minimum of requirement to establish an outpost MEA Outpost Map Icon. If Ryder completes this early, however, there will be tension with the angara. Ryder might prefer to wait until invited to settle on Voeld.

Complete the following missions:

Note: The Remnant vault on Voeld doesn't need to be activated to establish an outpost.

When Eska Yeveth in Techiix is ready to give Ryder permission after Uncovering the Past, she will be marked with aMEA New Mission Map Iconon the map. Speak with her and she welcomes Ryder to establish an outpost on Voeld.

Create The Outpost Edit

Foster Addison contacts Ryder over the comm giving her congratulations, but also voices some concerns about the angara reactions she has received. If Ryder received permission from Eska Yeveth, Ryder calms Addison by saying that the Initiative was invited. The outpost's name is Taerve Uni.

Note: There are no known consequences from establishing the outpost before permission has been granted.

Rewards Edit

  • +1330 XP
  • +1600 AVP AVP icon
  • +20% Voeld viability