Location: Milky Way / Serpent Nebula

See also: Codex: Serpent Nebula

The dense Serpent Nebula surrounds the ancient Citadel and is one of the station's most effective defences. The thick gas and dust from the nebula make it impossible for enemy ships to launch an organised attack, or locate the Citadel without co-ordinates. Commander Shepard can get a good view of the Serpent Nebula from the Upper Wards.

The composition and origin of the Serpent Nebula is the subject of debate. Some believe the nebula was actually created by the Citadel itself, over millennia of ejecting particles and debris from self-repair into space.

The nebula is home to dozens of mass relays. A number of races' home clusters are directly connected to the Citadel in just one jump: the Annos Basin (salarians), the Apien Crest (turians), the Athena Nebula (asari), the Krogan DMZ (krogan), and the Silean Nebula (elcor).

Mass Relay Connections Edit

† Mass Effect
‡ Mass Effect 2
± Mass Effect 3

Locations Edit

Serpent Nebula
Asteroid belt

Missions Edit

Mass Effect Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

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Mass Effect Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Routes to and from the Serpent Nebula undergo periodic changes across the games.
    • In Mass Effect, the Serpent Nebula is shown to connect directly to the Horse Head Nebula and the Exodus Cluster. Travel from the Local Cluster has to connect with the Exodus Cluster first before reaching the Serpent Nebula.
    • In Mass Effect 2, the Local Cluster gains a direct lane to the Serpent Nebula. The Ismar Frontier has a direct lane to the Serpent Nebula.
    • In Mass Effect 3, travel from the Horse Head Nebula or the Exodus Cluster now has to connect first to the Annos Basin before reaching the Serpent Nebula. Travel from the Ismar Frontier connects to the Minos Wasteland first before reaching the Serpent Nebula.

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