The Remnant drive core has been removed from the derelict. Ryder must now track the core down before Morda, or whoever else has it, uses it to construct a bomb.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is automatically acquired after concluding Investigate Remnant Derelict.

Walkthrough Edit

Follow the Signature Edit

SAM has isolated a signature specific to the drive core. Suvi is able to track this signature with the Tempest's sensors, and gives Ryder a nav point.

When you approach the nav point, you'll find a Remnant structure which is occupied by a typical assortment of Remnant, with a cluster of crates, two Fiends, and some other wildlife nearby. (Squadmates may "see" the enemies while you're still on the other side of a hill, which can be confusing.) Since you'll need to get close enough to the crates to scan them, combat is inevitable. Getting the Remnant and wildlife to fight each other will make things easier. The Remnant structure has two containers and ammo and health refills, but is otherwise unimportant. If life support is running low, note that the Remnant structure doesn't actually provide shade, but the hill to its southwest does.

The crate you're looking for is in the center of the crate cluster. Scanning it will reveal that the drive core was here, but has since been moved. Suvi sends you a new nav point, and you're off.

To the Crash Site Edit

When you approach the second nav point, you'll see a crashed shuttle, with a dead krogan, several dead scavengers, and a crate. Scanning the crash site reveals that the scavengers had their throats slit from behind, the krogan was killed by an explosion, and the drive core has been removed again. A datapad next to the crate gives you a password which will open the door to someone's ops base, and a new nav point.

Note that the crash site is in full sun, so watch your life support meter while investigating.

To the Ops Base Edit

The base is located behind a locked door at the back of a cave just west of the Flophouse. Approaching will cause you to acquire The Flophouse mission. This mission is required if you intend to ever put an outpost on Elaaden, so you may want to take care of it now.

When you enter the base you'll find several opponents, including a Berserker, an Anarchist, and several scavenger types. Your party recognizes your enemies as Jorgal Strux's associates. With them dead, searching the base will reveal the missing drive core, which Ryder orders to be locked up until it can be retrieved . Drack, either in person or over the comm, concludes that Strux has been planning some kind of betrayal the whole time. Ryder must now return to New Tuchanka to confront Strux and Morda.

Return to New Tuchanka Edit

In Morda's throne room you'll find Morda, Strux, and Drack if he isn't in the active party. Morda isn't happy with Ryder, since Strux has told her that Ryder has attempted to take the drive core from her salvage team and then sell it off to scavengers. Strux's plan becomes clear; he paid scavengers to recover the core with the intent to discredit Morda's leadership due to her incompetence in losing the core to the Nexus, and then to "rescue" the core and put himself forward as a better candidate for Overlord. Unfortunately for him, the plan has already failed since Ryder now has the core.

After Ryder reveals Strux's plot, Strux challenges Morda. There is a brief fistfight, which Morda wins handily. After this Morda exiles Strux and his followers. Morda now demands that Ryder hand over the drive core to her. In return, she offers an alliance between the krogan and the Nexus. If Ryder refuses, the krogan will be a sovereign state who "owe the Nexus nothing, not even peace."

If Ryder gives Morda the Core:

Settling Elaaden becomes an active mission, and the mission component "resolve the tension at the krogan colony" is immediately completed.

If Ryder keeps the Core:

Ryder receives 2000 Credits and 1000 Remnant Research Data. However, Morda will not permit a Nexus outpost on Elaaden, so Settling Elaaden is permanently locked out, as are any Elaaden missions which require an outpost for acquisition.

Aftermath Edit

If Ryder gives Morda the core:

Ryder may proceed to place an outpost on Elaaden.

If Ryder keeps the core:

Addison immediately talks to Ryder over the comm; she is disappointed, and tells Ryder that thiss makes efforts on the next world all the more important. Upon returning to the Tempest, Drack tells Ryder that while Morda may have wanted the core, she also appreciates a show of strength.

Ryder receives emails from Director Tann and Liam Kosta.

Congratulations from Tann:

To: Ryder
From: Director Tann
Ryder, the Remnant drive core that was just delivered to the Nexus was a great surprise and a fantastic omen for our future in Heleus. Good pathfinding!
Our scientists are meeting to discuss uses for it -- perhaps as a power source, a weapon, or who knows. The possibilities are exciting and this has given the Nexus a huge boost in our research capacity.
i want to personally thank you for putting on our big-boy pants and keeping it out of krogan hands.
We both know the krogan are ill-equipped to deal with such advanced technology. The potential of this amazing find would have been wasted on them.
Finally, I don't care what I hear in the Nexus corridors, I think you're doing a decent job and this action earns points from me. I'm becoming a fan.
Director Tann

Elaaden was rough:

To: Ryder
From: Liam
Have to say, I'm having a hard time putting a good spin on what happend with Morda. Best try so far: krogan making a colony on their own will inspire others to do it too. And... that's good?
So you know, Verand will try to swing some trade deals, It's a dance, but if the angara can be middlemen, that gets resources moving and Morda can still make her point against the Nexus. It can work. Important thing is no one starves.
The brains on the Nexus better make that Remnant drive worth it. Because hot as Elaaden was, we're a planet down.

There are no further consequences in New Tuchanka.

Mission Rewards Edit

  • 1330 XP
  • 400 AVP
  • +10% Viability on Elaaden

If Ryder gave Morda the Core: If completing this mission was the first objective accomplished for Settling Elaaden, that mission starts now.

If Ryder kept the Core:

  • 2000 Credits
  • 1000 Remnant Research Points

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