For the player character, see Pathfinder Ryder.
Scott Ryder is the son of Alec Ryder and the younger sibling of the Ryder twins. He signed up with the Andromeda Initiative together with his father and twin sister, obtaining a part in the Pathfinder team chosen to find humanity a home in the distant Andromeda galaxy 600 years into the future. Scott's Initiative designation number is A-04-Malapa.

Background Edit

Born on the Citadel space station in 2163. With informal training aided by Alec Ryder's N7 background.

Scott joined the Systems Alliance military and was assigned to an outpost near Arcturus Station overseeing Relay 202.

A primary route to Arcturus, this mass relay leads into contested space and has an unsavory reputation. Scott was needed to protect Arcturus, but also had "a front row seat to everyone else going off to fortune and glory."

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Upon Hyperion's arrival in the Heleus Cluster, a violent collision with an energy cloud above Habitat 7 causes momentary loss of gravity and damage to ship systems. If you play as Sara Ryder, Scott's cryo pod is also damaged in the event, resulting in his reawakening being delayed as he is kept in an induced coma.

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