A terminal holding important krogan research from the famous Dr. Okeer was accidentally sold to a junker. Dr. Ganar doesn't need the terminal, but insists that the data is important to the future of the krogan species.

Acquisition Edit

Just inside the gates of the New Tuchanka colony, a krogan geneticist, flagged with an exclamation point marker, is talking to his assistant about how terrible it would be Dr. Okeer's research was lost. Talk to him to acquire the mission; the "do your own research" option will reject the mission instead.

Walkthrough Edit

The geneticist and his assistant tell Ryder that Dr. Okeer was a great expert on krogan physiology and the genophage. A terminal containing all of his research was accidentally sold to a junker. While it's encrypted, the data would be bad in the wrong hands. They give you a navpoint and the name of the junker.  

Go to the navpoint provided by Dr. Ganar Edit

The navpoint leads to an apparently deserted base, with health and ammo rechargers and a terminal. Inside the structure temperatures will be normal, so don't worry about life support.

Hack the terminal to retrieve the research Edit

When you use the terminal a combat sequence begins. You'll have to stay in range of the terminal as hostile shuttles approach. Each shuttle has one Sharpshooter and three Raiders. Kill all of them to bring on the next shuttle. Once the fourth shuttle lands the hack is finished. Kill all remaining enemies to proceed.

Return the research to Dr. Ganar in New Tuchanka Edit

Talk to the krogan geneticist again to conclude the mission.

Rewards Edit

530 XP (plus combat XP from the battle)

73 Andromeda Viability Points

+5% Elaaden viability

Aftermath Edit

Ryder will receive an email from SAM after the mission.

Data from SAM re: Dr. Okeer

Analysis of information downloaded from Dr. Ganar's terminal

Notes from Dr. Okeer: Decrypted

Summary of Findings:
Adjustment of retrovirus in last batch of soldiers resulted in a success ratio of only 8 percent. This is unsatisfactory! I smashed many tanks in my fury.

I'll start again. I'm committed to creating perfection. The perfect krogan. A super soldier beyond belief.

Someone named Dr. Ganar contacted me to consult on potential cures for the genophage. I sent him away. Why dabble in mediocrity when we can aim for brilliance?

(Attachment: Portions of Okeer's genetic research data.)


The research of Dr. Okeer is a reference to the mission Dossier: The Warlord in Mass Effect 2, where Okeer has managed to create the perfect krogan (Grunt).

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