Rylkor's model design.

The Rylkor is a lanky, fork-tongued monotreme found on planet Havarl and Kadara.

Description Edit

Rylkors are crested dinosaur-like creatures that lurch on their two hind legs, standing at roughly two meters tall. When one is provoked, it strikes from a distance with an astringent spit attack; at close range, it swipes adversaries with its agile tail. The Echidnas encountered on planet Voeld appears to be their subspecies.

Rylkors are encountered on both Havarl and Kadara, and are protected by armor. Using a Shotgun is advised to bring them down.

Surprisingly, the Rylkor will dissolve into dust when defeated instead of leaving a carcass like a Charllyrion. This makes identifying the creature a difficult task, as Pathfinder Ryder will have to scan it while it's still alive.

Related Missions Edit

After purging the Remnant Vault on Havarl, a science team from the Nexus commented that some of the planet's wildlife are contaminated somehow. If Pathfinder Ryder agrees to investigate into the matter, he/she will have to hunt down a group of mutated Rylkors and scan their bodies. It is later revealed that the angara's Roekaar organization were intentionally poisoning the wildlife as a means of terrorizing the Initiative's scientists.

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