Ryder family secrets
Your father locked portions of SAM's memory array, and SAM is unable to recall certain information. You must explore in order to find the numerous memory triggers scattered throughout the world.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is acquired automatically upon speaking to SAM during A Better Beginning. Alternatively, it can be acquired after speaking with Jarun Tann during the same mission or finding a memory trigger.

Walkthrough Edit

Sibling Visits Edit

After completing the mission A Better Beginning, you will unlock a new optional objective to visit your sibling in the Cryo Bay. Though still in a coma, SAM tells you that their mental processes are functioning normally, and he can use your implants to establish a communication link. You can then have a brief, unconventional conversation with your twin. They will ask you about your father and new home. You can be honest with them about the dire situation, in which case the shock will cause them to slip back into a coma. Alternatively, you can lie to them to make their rest more peaceful, but you will have to deal with the consequences when they wake up and discover the truth for themselves.

Find a way to Remove SAM's Memory Blocks Edit

Memory triggers are hidden all throughout the Heleus Cluster, some can only be triggered by progression, others are found in specific locations at any time. Finding a memory trigger will bring SAM closer to unlocking memory arrays and often unlock a memory that can be shared with Ryder if Ryder returns to SAM Node to view it. The table below summarizes each trigger's location and method of acquisition.

Location Details
Hyperion/Habitation Deck Located in Alec Ryder's former personal quarters after Ryder speaks with SAM during A Better Beginning.
Eos On the edge of a cliff overlooking Site 1: Promise. Should be able to notice it as Ryder drives to the first monolith in A Better Beginning.
Eos On a cliff north of the kett facility. You may acquire the mission Kett's Bane along the way.
Eos Prodromos, beside August Bradley.
Havarl In the bottom path next to the ravine. You can pick this up when you visit the turian encampment there.

Memories Edit

  1. The first memory unlocked is of Alec Ryder back on the Citadel as the human military attache to the council, making the case for a Human-AI link project to help the human race catch up to the technology of the other space-faring races. Also included in the memory is Alec's notification by his wife that she has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Playing this memory will unlock the first encrypted audio log in the archives located in the Pathfinder's personal quarters aboard the Hyperion.

Trivia Edit

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