Rita is a human waitress working at Flux, on the Citadel Wards. She has a sister named Jenna.

When Commander Shepard enters the club, Rita is talking anxiously to Doran about Jenna, who is a former waitress at Flux and is currently working at Chora's Den. Rita is worried that Jenna could get into harm's way if the people at Chora's Den find out about her role as a C-Sec informant. If Shepard asks what is wrong, Rita can ask the Commander to speak to her sister and convince her of the dangers of Chora's Den so that she leaves the club.

Once Shepard is able to get Jenna out, Rita is pleased that she is safe, but she does not seem particularly happy her sister is returning to Flux: she had forgotten what it was like to have her around, with Jenna garnering all the best tips.

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