Your attention is drawn to smoke rising up, seemingly a distress call. It needs to be investigated.

Acquisition Edit

Follow the path on the map leading southeast from Hjara Station on Voeld, turn north where the road forks north, and then take the southeast path. The location is around the western end of a large bridge in the area. Heavy smoke is rising to the sky. When Ryder is alerted to it, the mission starts automatically.

Note: This mission is not listed in the journal.

Walkthrough Edit

Investigate The Smoke Edit

When getting close to the smoke, Ryder sees some angara fighting against kett.

Defeat The Kett Edit

Help the angara take out the enemy.

Speak With The Survivors Edit

Bennas explains that they are the Resistance. They set up the smoke to attract kett so that they could kill them as revenge for what they have done to angaran civilians.

Kett reinforcements arrive and land closely on two sides of Ryder - surrounding Ryder.

Defeat The Kett Edit

When the kett are eliminated, the mission completes.

Rewards Edit