Disambiguous This article is about Research in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For Research in Mass Effect 2, see Research.
MEA Research Terminal

Research in the Andromeda Galaxy allows Ryder to develop new equipment or to improve existing equipment by unlocking obtained blueprints with research data.

Overview Edit

Research is the first portion of creating items and Development is the second portion that actually creates that item. The research screen can be accessed via the research center aboard the Tempest, Nexus, certain Forward Stations, or in established outposts on the Golden Worlds.

Blueprints Edit

Blueprints are used for developing new weapons, armor, augmentations, ND1 Nomad upgrades, and special items in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Blueprints are divided in several categories in the research screen:

Blueprints can be unlocked in research centers by:

  • spending research data
  • purchasing from merchants
  • receiving as a mission requirement
  • Completing a mission
  • automatically as Ryder reaches certain levels (Refer to specific item articles for exact level requirements)

Blueprints have to be unlocked in order. The lower level of a blueprint has to be unlocked first before higher versions can be researched. Rank I, then II, and so on.

Blueprints have level requirements. Higher level blueprints require Ryder to have increasing levels before the blueprint can be unlocked. Blueprints will list level requirements required (if not met yet).

Augmentation blueprints have only one level. When Ryder researches an augmentation, Ryder receives one copy of the augmentation immediately but more importantly, the augmentation will now be available for Ryder to find out in the world. Note: Until Ryder researches an augmentation, the augmentation will NOT be found out in the world.

Gear from unlocked blueprints can be built via the development screen by using the necessary resources.

Blueprints do not count towards the Inventory item limit.

Research Data (RD) Edit

Research data, or RD, is the currency used to purchase upgrade blueprints. The amount of obtained Research Data Ryder has acquired is shown in the research screen or at the bottom of the scanner interface, when the scanner is active.

There are three types of research available:

  • Milky Way Rd icon milkyway orange
  • Heleus Rd icon heleus orange
  • Remnant Rd icon remnant orange

Research Data (RD) Acquisition Edit

RD is obtained by several methods in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Scanning Edit

Ryder gains most of the research data that can be found by using the scanner. The scanner will beep and flash a "G" on the screen if something nearby can be scanned.

Ryder should scan everything in a new environment to search for research data. Not everything provides research data points. Unless Ryder is being attacked, it's worth trying to scan as much as possible. Ryder might be able to get a quick scan of enemies if the squad has engaged the enemy first to draw attention away from Ryder.

Cryo Pod Perks Edit

Research Data is acquired/affected by several of the Science cryo pod perks.

Strike Team APEX missions Edit

Successful Strike Teams APEX missions will be rewarded with 30 research data points from one of the three types of research data.

Research Data (RD) Required Edit

The total amount of each Research Data (RD) listed is the amount of that RD to research every Rank for all of the items listed.

Refer to each individual item page for details on the specific research requirements for that item.

Name Rd icon milkyway orange
M-25 Hornet 1925
M-37 Falcon 1925
M-90 Indra 1925
Aerial Lubricant 50
Aerial Performance Optimizer 50
Aerial Stabilizer 50
Asari Sword 2625
Black Widow 2625
Charger 1450
Cyclone 1450
Electrical Conduits 200
Equilibrium Regulator 50
Grenade Launcher 200
HyperGuardian Arms 575
HyperGuardian Chest 1150
HyperGuardian Helmet 575
HyperGuardian Legs 575
Krogan Hammer 1925
N7 Arms 575
N7 Chest 1450
N7 Crusader 2625
N7 Eagle 2625
N7 Helmet 575
N7 Hurricane 2625
N7 Legs 575
N7 Piranha 1925
N7 Valiant 2625
N7 Valkyrie 2625
Rebalanced Field Coils 50
Reegar Carbine 1925
Revenant 1925
Ruzad 1450
Sandstorm 1925
Scorpion 1925
Sidewinder 1925
Sticky Grenade Launcher 200
Talon 1925
Vanquisher 1925
Vintage Heat Sink 200
Venom 1925
X5 Ghost 1925
Total 56775
Name Rd icon heleus orange
Angaran Firaan 1450
Angaran Guerrilla Arms 575
Angaran Guerrilla Chest 1150
Angaran Guerrilla Helmet 575
Angaran Guerrilla Legs 575
Battlefield Assist Module 50
Bio-Converter 50
Concentration Module 50
Coolant Unit 50
Dhan 2625
Electric Firaan 1925
Heleus Defender Armor 3650
Heleus Defender Helmet 1150
Hesh 1925
Isharay 1925
Kett Carfalon 1925
Kett Fusion Arms 725
Kett Fusion Chest 1450
Kett Fusion Helmet 725
Kett Fusion Legs 725
Kett Vakarsh 2625
Lanat 1925
Naladen 2625
Plasma Charge System 200
Ricochet System 100
Rozerad 2625
Seeking Plasma System 100
Soned 2625
Thokin 1925
Ushior 2625
Zalkin 1925
Total 42665
Name Rd icon remnant orange
Beam Emitter 200
Cryo Condenser 50
Equalizer 1925
Heat Inducer 50
Inferno 2625
P.A.W. 2625
Power Booster 100
Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet 2625
Remnant Heritage Arms 725
Remnant Heritage Chest 1450
Remnant Heritage Helmet 725
Remnant Heritage Legs 725
Scattershot 2625
Shadow 1925
Shield Disruptor 50
Shield Oscillator 200
Shield Sensors 50
Sweeper 1925
Total 20600

Research Data (RD) Rewards Edit

Mission Rewards Edit

For missions that award Research Data (RD), see Mission Rewards.

Scanning Rewards Edit

For scanning that awards Research Data (RD), see Scanning Rewards.