Disambiguous This article is about Research in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For Research in Mass Effect 2, see Research.
Research allows the player to develop new equipment or to improve existing equipment, by unlocking obtained blueprints with research data.

The research screen can be accessed via the research center aboard the Tempest, Nexus or in the established outpost on the Golden worlds.

Blueprints Edit

Blueprints are used for developing new weapons, armor or augmentations. They can be unlocked in research centers by spending research data.

Blueprints are divided in several categories in the research screen.

  • Techology type (Milky Way, Heleus or Remnant)
  • Gear type (Weapon, armor or augmentation)

Ways to obtain blueprints:

  • Purchased from merchants
  • Completing missions

Gear from unlocked blueprints can be build via the development screen by using the necessary resources.

Research Data (RD) Edit

By scanning new lifeforms and/or techs for the first time, the player earns resarch points in three categories. The amount of obtained Research Data is shown in the research screen or at the bottom of the scanner interface, when the scanner is active.

Types of Research Data:

  • Milky Way Rd icon milkyway orange
  • Heleus Rd icon heleus orange
  • Remnant Rd icon remnant orange

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