Repair Matrix is a power in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. It is available for the Alliance Infiltration Unit Infiltrator character in the Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Repair Matrix Edit

Reinforce armor with metal-repelling Foucault currents to increase movement speed, decrease damage taken, and to regenerate shields for a short duration. When activated, the fallen caster instantly gets back on their feet. This can only occur once, and a limited number of charges can be carried for this power.

  • Shields Restored Per Second: 75
  • Duration: 8 sec
  • Damage Taken: -5%
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 10%

Rank 2: Charge Capacity Edit

Increase the maximum number of charges that can be carried by 1.

Rank 3: Shields RestoredEdit

Increase the amount of shields restored by 20%.

  • Shields Restored Per Second: 90

Rank 4: Survivability/Shields Restored Edit


Decrease damage taken by 10%.
Increase movement speed by 10%.

  • Damage Taken: -15%
  • Movement Speed Bonus: 20%

Shields Restored

Increase the amount of shields restored by 30%.

  • Shields Restored Per Second: 112.5

Rank 5: Charge Capacity/Duration Edit

Charge Capacity

Increase the maximum number of charges that can be carried by 1.


Increase duration by 50%.

  • Duration: 12 sec

Rank 6: Lasting Repair Matrix/Enhanced Repair Matrix Edit

Lasting Repair Matrix

When getting back up from a downed state, take 75% less damage for 5 seconds.

Enhanced Repair Matrix

Increase the amount of shields restored by 35%.
Reduce damage taken by 15%.

  • Shields Restored Per Second: 138.75 (Shields Restored), 116.25 (Damage Taken)
  • Damage Taken: -30% (Damage Taken), -20% (Shields Restored)

Player Notes Edit

  • The number of charges is dictated by grenades carried, so equipping a gear that will increase grenade capacity will boost the number of charges for this power.
  • Being killed by a sync kill does not grant an immediate revive while using this power.
  • Note that Repair Matrix does not work the same way as Medi-gel. For Repair Matrix to revive you, it has to be active before you are downed; you cannot activate it while you are down.

Availability Edit

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