Niilj and his team, whom you rescued from the kett, were Resistance operatives who were working to destroy the kett. They discovered that the kett operations station on the mountain controls all kett missions for the planet and provides power to the shield that blocks access to an ancient angaran city. Buxil, Niilj's sister, is helping you decrypt the password for the kett operations system.


This mission is automatically acquired after completing Meet the Family.


Optional: Observe kett shield Edit

Heading towards the marker, you will find a large orange kett shield amidst structures. Commander Do Xeel will inform you that that is Ja Niihk, an angaran city, though it is currently under control of the kett. As the shield's controls are located at the base, there is nothing to be done here yet.

Investigate the kett baseEdit

Note: You might want to begin with Know Your Enemy because these two missions follow the same path in the beginning.

Head to the mission marker. As you approach the marker, it is moved to another location. Continue following the moving marker.

Eventually you reach the entrance of cave, only lightly guarded by kett. Follow the marker through the cave on foot.

A short way into the cave there are markers for two other missions close to each other: Medical Caches and Task: Hitting Rocks for Science.

The last marker is at an energy barrier guarded by several kett. Eliminate them.

When approaching the barrier Ryder calls Buxil, and receives the cracked password needed to turn off the shield.

Disable kett base shieldEdit

Use the console.

Investigate the kett baseEdit

Continue following the marker through the cave, fighting kett on the way.

Eventually you get to the exit of the cave. Continue across the bridge and defeat the kett ambush.

Note: If you die or load a save made after this point, you will have to restart from here - redoing all of the fights and objectives.

Uphill after the bridge, SAM draws Ryder's attention to a nearby building: "This appears to be a kett secure storage building (building #1). The entry is locked out by a defence matrix." Ryder wants to know what's in the building, so a way to shut down the defence matrix needs to be found.

Voeld base 1

The buildings in sight:

  • The two-floor building to the left (#1 on the image) has two locked doors, which can be unlocked from building #4 (shown in an image below). You may wish to eliminate the kett in the open part of the building to avoid having them at your back later on.
  • The large building in the center (#2) needs to be cleared to gain access to the navpoint and the areas further into the base.
  • The building to the right (#3) doesn't contain anything important yet.

When you approach the navpoint inside building #2, SAM informs Ryder that a security terminal has locked down access to the kett tower, and that the terminal is protected behind a force field.

This objective is completed and the next is started.

Disable the kett generators (0/3)Edit

Three generators are powering the field, and they have to be shut down (marked on map). Kett reinforcements will attack after each one is disabled. The locations are:

  • On the bottom floor in building #2, close to the navpoint for the previous objective.
  • On the circular open platform attached to building #3.
  • In the caves north of the above generator.

Upstairs of building #2 is the navpoint for the mission Fact or Fiction. On the same floor is the field-protected terminal you are working to get access to.

Voeld base 2

Building #4 has two uses:

  • Necessary for the next objective in the mission Fact or Fiction.
  • Destroying the defense matrix unlocks the two doors in building #1.

After the matrix is destroyed by scanning and interacting with each one, a side objective under the name "Kett Base Attack" is started (not in the mission log):

Optional: Access the secure storageEdit

Go to building #1.

  • The bottom floor room has four loot containers. There is also a console for Fact or Fiction.
  • The top floor has five loot containers, and a Kett Core Encryption Tech - scanning it gives 100 Heleus research data. If you wait too long before entering the room it will not be possible to open the door.

Destroy the kett security terminalEdit

The terminal is upstairs in building #2. Interact with it to sabotage it via explosion.

Access the outpost coreEdit

You can go to one entrance straight to the north or to another entrance through building #4. Inspecting the map shows that the navpoint is closer to the latter.

Use the console and get Command Center Access granted. A door opens in the floor.

Reach the hangar bayEdit

Jump down. You will need to fight more kett along the way. Upon opening the second door (hangar bay) a kett team attacks. SAM notifies Ryder that each of the hangar platforms has an automated fueling system. If Ryder can access their controls, SAM can destroy them by overloading the system.

Destroy all three hangar platformsEdit

They are marked on the map.

Kett reinforcements will continuously arrive while any of the consoles are active.

When trying to sabotage the first console, it's discovered that it is locked from a security terminal. One terminal for each platform is marked on the map. Go to the one closest to the locked console, use it to unlock the console, and return to sabotage the hangar platform.

For the other two platforms, first go directly to the override terminal, and then proceed to go to the consoles to sabotage them.

When all platforms are destroyed, the kett no longer have their air support. Two new objectives are started.

Eliminate the PrefectEdit

As usual, this type of kett is invulnerable as long as the orb is intact. Make sure not to let it get too close, or it will kill you instantly.

Clear out the remaining defendersEdit

Once the prefect is dead, defeat any remaining kett.

Access elevator to zenith roomEdit

Use the elevator controls to go to the room at the top of the tower.

Disable the outpostEdit

Use the console. You will receive 300 AVP and +10% Voeld viability.

In the room are also five loot containers.

Return to BuxilEdit

Take the elevator down and head to Buxil who is on the way to building #4.

Buxil tells Ryder that disabling this base has shut down the shield around Ja Niihk, the frozen city in the northeastern part of the map. In addition, the kett are weakened, so it's a perfect time for a final push against them. Upon completion of this mission, the follow-up mission Uncovering the Past is started automatically.


  • 1330 XP

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