Eos is home to one of the five remnant vaults in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the first which the Pathfinder must explore. It is thus an introduction to a common pattern: three monoliths must be activated to access a vault; activating a vault will improve a planet's viability for settlement; and vaults always contain puzzles and valuable bonuses.

Access to the Vault Edit

To access the remnant vault on Eos, you must activate the three monoliths in the mission A Better Beginning. Upon doing so, you will be directed to a newly-revealed structure on an island in the middle of a lake. Peebee will join you as you enter the Vault, and a brief cut-scene will have you travel down a gravity well to its entrance.

Walkthrough Edit

The following map depicts the first floor of the vault, and is referenced throughout the walkthrough. Research data and loot is valuable, but not critical to mission completion. For a summarized guide on quickly navigating the vault, see the section in A Better Beginning; this guide describes how to maximize the vault's rewards.

Remnant Vault, Eos, Floor 1

Eos Vault, Floor 1. Yellow diamonds represent containers; red stars as research data; orange hexagons as consoles; lines as doors.

In the first room, you will find two loot containers (A & B), and two research data pylons (1 & 2) for 100Rd icon remnant orange each. Approach the hologram represented by a red square; after a brief discussion over the comms, you will be able to scan it for 10Rd icon remnant orange. Once you're done, follow the objective marker to the back console, and interface to open the door on the other side of the room.

Through the door, you will see a dormant console. You will not interact with it, but use your scanner to discover three holographic data patterns surrounding it. Scan any one of them to trigger another discussion over the comms, after which the next door will be unlocked. Make sure to scan all three holograms in the room for 10Rd icon remnant orange each (30Rd icon remnant orange total). Wait for the conversation over the comms, then go through the door to trigger another cut-scene, where your team and Peebee split up.

You can scan the barrier around the power beam in the center of the room for 10Rd icon remnant orange. The door to the east will be locked and inaccessible. The force field to the west is worth investigating. You cannot enter yet, but SAM will mark the location on your map (bugged); you will be able to access the room on your way out of the Vault, provided you move quickly. Head through the South door to proceed.

There will be some loot in a container to your right (C), and a Remnant console at the middle end of the platform -- though it will only lift some blast shields, nothing useful. Use the pillars elevated above the fluid to get across to the next platform with a mechanical arm; scan it and the dangerous liquid for 10Rd icon remnant orange each.

Head south over some more pillars across the liquid, scanning another data pylon (3) on your way for 100Rd icon remnant orange. You will encounter a door; open it and head through into what appears to be a storage room. You will be attacked by two hostile remnant Assemblers, but the others in the room will remain inactive. After defeating the enemies (+25XP), scan one of the inactive bots for 10Rd icon remnant orange, and loot the nearby container (D). That's all for this room, so head back out and get ready to go to the eastern platform.

Across the deadly pool, there are several territorial Assemblers. Defeat them (+63XP) to roam the area freely, for there are three loot containers nearby. The first (E) is across some pillars to the south; there is also a locked door here, but nothing you can do about it, so return to the main platform. Go due north and up a ridge for the second container (F). The third is located on the lower level, below the remnant console (G). This console also does not control anything useful.

For the next piece of loot, follow the passage to the north-east until you come to a door; open it to reveal a container (H). Hereafter, you can finally proceed in the direction of the objective marker, though you will encounter a similar side door along the way. Simply open it to reveal another container within (I).

You will encounter an area with several more hostile assemblers. After defeating them (+63XP), you can find two consoles; they are linked to each other, but again, do not control anything, aside from blast shields. There are also two doors with visual glyphs over them, but they cannot be opened in any way. There is, however, a container near the south-west door (J).

Once you are done there, proceed along the southern corridor. There will be a brief interaction with Peebee (Marked with ▲,) who can be seen on a distant ledge to the east, but it cannot be reached. Before going through the main door to the west, follow the ledge south, then west, until you reach a container (K), in addition to a door hiding yet another container (L), before returning.

After going through the main door, you will see lamps rising from the floor. Scan one of them, if you have not already, to receive 10Rd icon remnant orange, then continue down the passageway until you reach another door.

The next room contains some remnant forces, which you shall have to fight. However, you can run up the right (north) ramp without attracting their attention, toward the remnant turret. Start by scanning it for 50Rd icon remnant orange, then interface with the console to convert it into an ally and begin the battle. After you defeat the remnant (+126XP), you should loot the container to the south (M) and scan the nearby dormant Observer to get 10Rd icon remnant orange and trigger some conversation. Finally, use the second console to activate the gravity well, which you can use to reach the second level of the Vault.

Remnant Vault, Eos, Floor 2

Eos Vault, Floor 2. Yellow diamonds represent containers; red stars as research data; orange hexagons as consoles; lines as doors.

On the second level, you will find a damaged console leaking death fluid. Scanning the leak will earn you 10Rd icon remnant orange. A conversation will trigger over the comms. Take the opportunity to loot the two side containers (N & O); one contains a powerful remnant melee weapon. After the conversation, interact with the leak to fix it, then interface with the console to unlock the door and move on to the next area.

Immediately look to your left for a remnant data pylon (4) and scan it for 100Rd icon remnant orange. There is a remnant console on the platform, with which you must interface to raise some pillars. Use them to reach the platform with the tree, and scan it for 10Rd icon remnant orange. Interface with the nearby console to raise more pillars to your left.

Cross the pillars to a platform where you must battle some remnant forces (+126XP). You will need to explore the nearby ledges in order to access the containers (P & Q). Head through the door to the west into what appears to be a storage area. There isn't much in here, aside from some amusing dialogue and a container (R). Once you're done, head back through the door and use the nearby console. This will provide access to the northern section of the vault.

Hop back over to the tree, then take the newly-accessible northern fork to a new platform. Immediately jump up to a ledge to the north-west to access another container (S) and console. This will open a bonus path to the southern section. Again, go back to the tree and continue along the new path.

Remnant vault trees

Loot the containers (T, U & V), then go south-west to a room with a tree raised up in the center. Here, you will find six holograms, worth 10Rd icon remnant orange each, and two glyphs, which allow access to a secure container (W), further requiring you to solve another Sudoku-like puzzle (required for the Cryptographer achievement). Once you've gotten all you need, jump back over to the first tree and on to the northern platform once more.

There is a locked door on this platform, but it cannot be unlocked by any means. Use the western console to raise some new pillars. This will also attract the attention of a few remnant Observers, which you'll have to remove from your path (+25XP). Jump across the pillars to the next tree platform. Nothing to do here but activate the following console, which will conjure a familiar magical bridge.

Cross this bridge, but grab the loot from the container on the left (X) before going through the main north door, which will take you to the heart of the Vault. Strangely, you cannot scan the giant energy beam, but you will find a data pylon to the right (5) for 100Rd icon remnant orange, and a nearby container (Y). That's all for this room, so go ahead and activate the main console highlighted by the objective marker, and get ready to run.

Simply follow the objective marker; along the way, you'll need to interface with a console to conjure a magical bridge, and use a new gravity well. As soon as you land after using the gravity well, Ryder will comment that the force field from earlier is deactivated (the area should now be marked on your map). Quickly jump up the ledge to the west and loot the container (Z), then make a break for the north door. Once you open the door, a cut-scene will trigger, and you will have successfully activated the vault, without dying.

Follow the conversation to discover some interesting connections between the remnant and the Heleus Cluster, then head back to the surface to see what your efforts have accomplished.


After you exited the vault you receive 1330 xp, 1150 AVP, and +50% Eos viability.

Trivia Edit

  • As you near the gravity well to the Vault's second floor, SAM says that "direct intervention was necessary" on Habitat 7, a possible reference to Harbinger from Mass Effect 2.

Bugs Edit

  • Even though Ryder asks SAM to mark the location of the "rem-tech" behind the force field, to be collected upon escape, it is never added to the map. When you are close to it an orange empty hexagon will lead you to it. Nonetheless, this works correctly in all other vaults.
  • The map of the second floor does not map correctly to Ryder's location when viewed in game

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