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Remnant VI Edit

Deploys a retrofitted Remnant Observer that repairs itself over time, cloaks when critically damaged, and counts as tech construct.

TAP BUTTON: Directs the VI to attack a particular target.

HOLD BUTTON: Deactivates the VI.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Remnant VI
MEA Remnant VI 1 Remnant VI icon
Unlocks Remnant VI power. VI Base Health: 500

Beam Damage per Second: 66

Recharge Time (s): 24

2 Durability
MEA Tech Durability icon
Improves VI health. +65% VI Health
3 Beam Damage
Tech Damage icon
Increases the VI's beam damage. +20% Beam Damage
4 Expedited Repairs
MEA Tech Repairs icon
Reduces health regeneration delay and improves health regeneration rate for the Remnant VI. +40% VI Health Regen

+30% Health Regen Delay Reduction

4 Recharge Speed
Tech Recharge Speed icon
Increases recharge speed. +40% Recharge Speed.
5 Focus Module
MEA Remnant VI 5a Focus Module icon
Increases the VI's beam damage. +35% VI Beam Damage
5 Close Combat Module
MEA Remnant VI 5b Close Combat Module icon
The VI engages enemies at a closer range, demanding foes' attention. Also improves VI health. +200% VI Health
6 Detonating Missiles
MEA Remnant VI 6a Detonating Missiles icon
MEA Detonator Explosive icon
Adds explosive missiles to the VI's arsenal (in addition to its beam weapon). Missiles trigger combo detonations.
Missile Damage: 90

Missile Damage Radius (m): 2.5

Missile Frequency (s): 10

6 Electric Beam
MEA Remnant VI 6b Electric Beam icon
MEA Primer Electricity icon
The VI's beam attack has a chance to electrically prime enemies for combo detonations and stun them. Increases damage to shields and synthetic enemies.
Shield Damage Bonus: 25%

Synthetic Damage Bonus: 15%

Stun Duration (s): 1

Notes Edit

  • One of the only two tech constructs in the game (assault turret), the VI trades utility for health and/or damage.
  • The VI's health can be maxed at even higher than your squad mates, especially using the Engineer Profile.
  • Due to a glitch, the VI can occasionally continue to follow Ryder aboard the Tempest (confirmed on PS4).

Availability Edit

  • Single-player: Unlocked via Peebee's Secret Project mission
  • Multiplayer: Salarian Architect or Human Artificer.