Zap, brother to Poc.

Remnant VI is a Tech power in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Acquisition Edit

The power is first unlocked upon completion of the Allies and Relationships mission Peebee: Secret Project.

Description Edit

While the Observer Peebee keeps in her quarters is a noncombatant model she calls "Poc", for the field, she constructed a second, weapons-grade model that she called "Zap", for Ryder to use and deploy as a tech construct.

Controls Edit

Tap Button: Directs the VI to attack a particular target.

Hold Button: Deactivates the VI.


Cost Ranks Description Bonus

Remnant VI

Unlocked after Peebee's Secret Project VI Base Health: 100

Beam Damage/sec: 60

Recharge (s): 24

2 Durability VI Health: +20%
3 Beam Damage VI Beam Damage: +15%
4 Expeditied Repairs VI Health Regen: +40%

VI Health Regen Delay Reduction: +30%

4 Recharge Speed Recharge Speed: +40%
5 Focus Module VI Beam Damage: +30%
5 Close Combat Module The VI engages enemies at a closer range, demanding foes' attention VI Health: +100%
6 Detonating Missiles Adds explosive missiles to the VI's arsenal (in addition to its beam weapon). Missiles trigger combo detonations. Missile Damage: 90

Missile Damage Radius (m): 2.5

Missile Frequency (s): 10

6 Electric Beam The VI's beam has a chance to electrically prime enemies for combo detonations and stun them. Increases damage to shields and synthetic enemies. Shield Damage Bonus: 25%

Synthetic Damage Bonus: 15%

Stun Duration (s): 1

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