The Remnant are a synthetic race encountered by the Andromeda Initiative in the Andromeda galaxy. Many remnant units can fly and hover over the ground. Remnant forces will become hostile if one comes too close.

Remnant weapons are typically beam-based and have a high rate of fire. They don't use ammo but will have to cool down if overheated.[1]

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Remnant units include:

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Remnant structures found on Habitat 7 have been dated to 300-400 years old, meaning they were constructed during the Andromeda Initiative's journey to the Heleus Cluster. Carbon dating on the vault structure at Eos indicated it went dormant at about similar period.

While investigating the vault on Eos, Pathfinder Ryder theorized that the Remnant may have been attempting to terraform the Heleus Cluster.

It is revealed that the Remnant machines were created by an advanced species possibly native to Heleus known as the Jardaan. After some sort of conflict that unleashed the Scourge on Heleus, the Jardaan left the cluster and have not returned since.

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According to Foster Addison, Remnant technology is actually less advanced than the Prothean technology uncovered on Mars. The main difference between the two is that while Prothean technology is "plug and go", Remnant technology "thinks differently".

The massive Remnant structures are theorized to be terraforming mechanisms with planet-wide effect capability. As deciphered glyphs found within Eos vault shows, terms such as "atmospheric control" shows up, Initiative scientists believe that, if it works as intended, it can modify almost all aspects of a planet, making a golden world a possibility. As evidence, after the Pathfinder team "rebooted" the main controls in Eos, the storm that plagued the initial settlement effort was gone, allowing settlement effort to go underway once more.

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Thus far there's no spoken language found with the Remnant, only "written" language in the form of glyphs. Collection of those glyphs in the field plus other research materials recovered by the Pathfinder team allowed SAM to provide partial translations if and when needed.

Salvage Edit

Various materials can be salvaged from both Remnant vaults and fallen Remnant units. These can range from loots to sell and research materials. Weapons crafted from Remnant materials tend to be energy-based, eliminating the need for ammunition, while Remnant-based armors offers plenty of advantages in battle.

Decryption Puzzle Edit

In order to restore the balance of golden worlds in the Heleus Cluster, Ryder must solve Remnant decryption puzzles which resembles the sudoku game from Japan. Usually, Ryder has to locate additional glyphs to proceed with the puzzle.


Example of a Remnant puzzle.

References Edit

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