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This electrical weapon improves upon the arc pistol's design by generating a sustained current on its target. This weapon is named for the quarian Reegar family, whose marines have served valiantly against the geth.

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Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The Reegar Carbine is classified as rare and requires the Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack.

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  • The Reegar Carbine is an automatic, close-quarters combat weapon that fires a constant stream of electricity; despite being called a carbine, the weapon's function is consistent to the M-451 Firestorm.
  • Despite not shooting bullets, this weapon still benefits from a headshot multiplier.
  • The Reegar Carbine does 200% damage against shields and barriers; but only 50% damage against armor. This may make it a good choice for classes that have anti-armor powers, but have no shield-stripping abilities.[1]
  • Since the Reegar already easily destroys shields and barriers, mods, equipment and gear can be chosen to compensate for other needs.
  • The Reegar is one of only a few weapons available in multiplayer with a range cap (the others being the Particle Rifle and the Collector Sniper Rifle). Since this cap is low, this weapon will see better use in classes designed to be able to engage in close-quarters for sustained periods of time, such as a Vanguard. A full clip from the Reegar will dissolve shields or barriers, but the close range needed leaves one open to retaliation.
  • The Reegar has immense overall power and is capable of killing targets in range in a short amount of time. When first impacting a regular size target it tends to stagger them for a brief second.
  • To compensate for its power, the Reegar burns through its already low ammunition count at an alarming rate. It has a slow reload speed too. As such, it is highly advised to bring along a high-capacity sidearm.
  • Most classes move slower when firing the weapon (as with the M-76 Revenant). Batarians and krogan are exempted from this movement penalty and can fire the Reegar while maintaining their normal speed.
  • The Reegar is especially effective when used with a vorcha. The weapon is able to quickly kill enemies, powering their Bloodlust. The vorcha health regeneration also allows them to close in on enemies much more readily than any other character.
  • Tactical Cloak can be used to fire off a whole clip of the Reegar before the damage bonus disappears. The 80% extra damage can kill any foot soldier extremely quickly since it is a rapid-fire shotgun with low-average damage. This damage bonus makes it also very effective at weakening the strongest enemies.
  • To overcome the lack of spare ammo, it is recommended to play as a batarian Sentinel or Soldier because of the spare ammo evolutions of Batarian Enforcer.
  • The low capacity can also be overcome by using Adrenaline Rush to auto-reload mid-clip, allowing for a potential 44 shots to be fired off in one burst. However, this burns through ammo very quickly. Because of the increase in damage however, this can sometimes offset the low capacity, as well as turn the Reegar into a portable death ray.
  • Another way of increasing capacity is to use the Thermal Clip Capacity Gear, which will allow for up to 30% more ammunition to be carried. An ammo pack will also fully restore your ammunition level, as well as load your Reegar with ammunition. There is also a temporary damage boost shortly after using a Thermal Clip Pack.
  • Adding the Shredder Mod to the Reegar not only allows it to bypass Guardian shields and kill them as if they were Assault Troopers, but also makes it much more effective against armored enemies.
  • Combining the Shredder Mod's added effectiveness against armor with a Flamer evolved to do max damage against shields, allows a vorcha Sentinel/Soldier or Geth Trooper Soldier to methodically and effectively strip the shields from Geth Primes, and then remove their armor. This weapon's cone is wide enough to effectively set off a Geth Pyro's explosive tank fairly consistently, which further boosts its usefulness against clustered geth.
  • The Reegar is useful against Reaper forces as it destroys the bodies of the enemies it kills, denying Cannibals a chance to consume them. If combined with a Flamer evolved to do maximum damage against armor, a player can quickly kill Ravagers and Brutes by using the whole clip of a Reegar on them, reload cancelling by using Flamer on them and then finishing them off with the Reegar. As an added bonus, the Reegar will stagger them, stopping them from interrupting you by knocking you back.
  • Because this weapon has a set pattern for the stream it shoots, it receives no benefit whatsoever from the Smart Choke.
  • A great combination involves combining the Spare Thermal Capacity mod with the High-Velocity Barrel, as the latter effectively combines the Shredder Mod and High-Caliber barrel into one attachment. This will greatly reduce the Reegar Carbine's ammunition problem without sacrificing the damage, penetration, and armor damage increase, albeit with an increase in weight.

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