Location: Milky WayHades GammaDis System Fifth planet

Prerequisite: UNC: Hostile Takeover (Mass Effect)

Description Edit

Raysha is a standard hydrogen-helium gas giant with traces of sodium and ammonia in its atmosphere.

During the brief "gold rush" to Klensal, a few companies established an infrastructural [sic] for helium-3 skimming and deuterium mining on Raysha's icy moons. When Klensal proved to be less wealthy than expected, the facilities were stripped for parts and abandoned.

Survey Text Edit

“Scans of the planet Raysha revealed an old unmanned shuttle. Your salvage team found turian goods on board, all marked with the Tridend Colony insignia.”

Assignments Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Raysha is too small to be a "standard hydrogen-helium gas giant" (William Hubbard, The New Solar System 4th ed, 1999; p. 194). It is more likely an "ice giant" like Neptune or Gliese 436 b.

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