The raloi are an avian species originating on the planet Turvess, who made first contact with the asari in 2184 after launching their first space telescope and discovering the asari cruiser Azedes in their system.

Biology Edit

Raloi are avian in appearance. Due to an outbreak of an alien flu virus among the raloi during the ceremonies held to welcome them to the galactic community, the raloi have to wear environmental suits while in contact with other alien species.

History Edit

Welcome Ceremony Edit

As reported by Cerberus Daily News, in 2185 the Citadel Council formally welcomed the raloi to the galactic community. Sold-out Council-sponsored shuttles arrived at Turvess bearing intrigued visitors and gifts of good will during the welcoming ceremonies. At one point the krogan representatives of the Council delegation were ejected from the proceedings after introducing a violent sport called Kowla, which resulted in multiple deaths and injuries. After the conclusion of the ceremonies, a raloi delegation was dispatched to the Citadel for a three-month stay to learn about intergalactic law [sic], history, alien biology and culture, and mass effect physics.

Withdrawal from the Galaxy Edit

In 2186 during the Reaper invasion, the raloi delegation withdraws from the Citadel. Unwilling and unable to fight the Reapers, the raloi decide to isolate themselves on Turvess and destroy any satellites and observation equipment in orbit around their planet. They hope that the Reapers will see them as a pre-spaceflight civilization and spare their planet.

Notable Raloi Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the full report the alien flu virus is called the "H7N7 avian flu virus," which references two recent, real-world major disease outbreaks: "avian flu" (H5N1) and "swine flu" (H1N1). It may also be a direct reference to the H7N7 strain of avian flu, currently found mostly in birds.
  • The use of the phrase 'intergalactic law' implies that multiple galaxies are bound by Citadel law. As this is not the case, it has been speculated that the phrase was misused, and that 'galactic law', 'intragalactic law' or 'interstellar law' was intended.

References Edit

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