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System View
Stellar Mass N/A
Stellar Class B / B
Luminosity N/A
Planets 0
Moons 0
Asteroid Belts 0
Asteroids 0
Objects 3

Location: Milky Way / Vallhallan Threshold / Raheel-Leyya

Raheel-Leyya is a small system with no planets.

Prerequisite: Tali: Treason (Mass Effect 2)
Prerequisite: Priority: The Citadel II (Mass Effect 3)

Fuel depotEdit

Main article: Fuel depot

Mass relayEdit

Main article: Mass relay

The Migrant FleetEdit

Main article: Migrant Fleet


  • During the development of Mass Effect 2, Raheel-Leyya was once intended to include two additional locations which were cut from the final game: Leyya and Susskind Station.
  • Although Raheel-Leyya is shown as a binary star system in Mass Effect 2, one of the stars is inexplicably absent in Mass Effect 3.

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