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The Milky Way is populated with dozens of races. Some are valued members of Citadel space, working to build a better galactic community; others are lawless, caring nothing for the Citadel Council's edicts; a few are outcasts, but all are unique.

Citadel Races

Races Asari Races Drell Races Elcor
Asari Drell Elcor
Races Hanar Races Human Races Keeper
Hanar Humans Keepers
Races Salarian Races Turian Races Volus
Salarians Turians Volus

Non-Citadel Races

Races Batarian Races Collector Races Geth
Batarians Collectors Geth
Races Krogan Races Leviathan Races Quarian
Krogan Leviathans Quarians
Races Placeholder Races Reaper Races Placeholder
Raloi Reapers Virtual Aliens
Races Vorcha Yahg Character shot
Vorcha Yahg

Historical Races

Races Placeholder Races Placeholder Races Placeholder
Arthenn Densorin Inusannon
Races Placeholder The Prothean Profile Races Rachni
Oravores Protheans Rachni
Races Placeholder Races Placeholder Races Placeholder
Thoi'han Zeioph Zha'til

Non-Sapient Creatures

Creatures Husk Creatures Thresher Maw Creatures Varren
Husks Thresher Maws Varren

Other Creatures

Creatures Gas Bag Creatures Harvester Races Placeholder
Gas Bags Harvesters Kirik
Creatures Klixen Races Placeholder Creatures Pod Crab
Klixen Nathak Pod Crabs
Creatures Pyjak Creatures Space Beetle Creatures Space Cow
Pyjaks Space Beetles Space Cows
Creatures Thorian Creatures Unknown Creature
The Thorian Unknown Creature

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