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Homeworlds Quoyle portrait
Drell Guide
Mass Effect: Homeworlds
Quoyle is a drell living on Kahje. When Liara T'Soni arrives on Kahje to examine a submerged Prothean ruin used as a shrine and is blocked by a hanar official, Quoyle comes to her aid suggests that her generosity, exhibited by a sizable contribution to the hanar's upcoming Cresting Bloom celebrations, should be rewarded with a brief visit to the shrine. With the official satisfied, Quoyle personally takes Liara to the shrine, but threatens to shoot her if she plans any mischief.

When the shrine's defenses suddenly attack Quoyle's craft, Quoyle manages to guide it to the dock while Liara uses her biotics to prevent the craft from flooding. Within the shrine they encounter a Cerberus Phantom who has killed the shrine's staff. Quoyle is slashed by the Phantom's blade and stays behind while Liara examines the Prothean archives. After she confronts the Illusive Man, Quoyle bandages himself up and is helped out of the shrine.

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