Pull Edit

TAP BUTTON: Lifts an unshielded, unarmored enemy helplessly in the air and primes the target for combo detonations.

HOLD BUTTON: Drags the target enemy or object along with the user.

Combine with the Throw power to hurl a hold target.

Cost Rank Description Bonus
1 Pull Allows to use Pull ability Duration (s): 5

Recharge Time (s): 10

2 Recharge Speed +20% Recharge Speed
3 Duration +40% Duration
4 Duration +50% Duration
4 Radius Pull affect up to two enemies within a radius Radius (m): 4
5 Crushing Grip Targets take damage while in the air DPS: 35
5 Expose Affected targets take more damage from all sources Defense Debuff: 30%
6 Anti-Shields Drain enemy shields on initial hit (but targets whose shields endure still cannot be lifted or held) Shield Damage Bonus: 600
6 Biotic Drain Restores shields while Pull is maintained to hold an enemy Shields Restored per Second: 10%

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