Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Pytheas / Eos

Description Edit

Prodromos is the Initiative's first successful outpost founded by Pathfinder Ryder on Habitat 1, otherwise known as Eos. The outpost was only established when conditions of the planet improved significantly after Ryder activated a remnant vault; two previous efforts to settle the planet failed due to the harsh environment and hostile presence. It rests in Fairwind Basin, and is run by Mayor August Bradley. It can serve as a scientific or militaristic outpost, depending on Ryder's choice.

History Edit

Modern Day Construction Edit

Prodromos was settled by the Andromeda Initiative in 2819, organised by Foster Addison. Prior to its settling, the area was known as Fairwinds Basin as the high cliff walls surrounding the area partially protected it from the deadly radiation that had existed prior to Ryder's activation of the remnant vault.

Layout Edit

Prodromos surrounds a lake and consists of six single-floor buildings, two double-floor buildings and four shuttle landing pads. Many of the buildings have water-silos on the side. There is an R&D building on the north-west side of the lake, a shop on the eastern side and a Forward Station on north-eastern side. Most buildings do not have an explained use, but all contain some form of furniture suggesting what takes part in them.

Prodromos also contains a dedicated landing space for the Tempest at the north of the lake.

Missions Edit

Heleus Assignments Edit

Additional Tasks Edit

Terminals Edit

On a terminal in one of the northern structures in Prodromos.

Hey, Connor

Heard about the new position. Prodromos just gained one hell of a buisnesswoman--they're lucky to have you. If we ever find ourselves on the Nexus at the same time, I'm buying you a drink to celebrate.


And Ryder--I know you're going to get nosy and read this. Hi.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Prodromos" is suspected to come from the Greek translation of the word "Forerunner".

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