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Prison Guard
Prison Guard
Enemy Container-SH
Race Batarian
Type Organic
Faction Aratoht Prison Staff
Armament M-8 Avenger
Abilities Neuralshock Flashbang Grenade
Health Moderate
Shields Low
Locations Aratoht
Prison Guards are enemies encountered during the assignment Arrival.

The Prison Guards are found throughout the batarian prison on Aratoht. During the initial stage of the assignment, Commander Shepard can choose to avoid combat with these enemies by sneaking past them. After Dr. Amanda Kenson has been freed however, an alarm is set off, alerting Prison Guards to the break-out.

Capabilities Edit


Prison Guards are comparable to generic enemy troopers. They are equipped with the M-8 Avenger, which allows them to lay down suppressing fire. However, they also are equipped with Flashbang Grenades, which will force you out of cover, damage your shields and briefly blind you.


On higher difficulty levels, Prison Guards will have weak shielding.

Tactics Edit

  • Prison Guards can be handled much like any other Trooper, but since you will most likely fight them alone, they will tend to use their numbers to try to flank and overwhelm you. So pick your position, and targets, carefully.
  • Also watch for their grenades, as they will use them a lot on higher difficulties. The areas that you fight these guards in tend to offer plenty of cover, so move around to avoid the grenades and their effects if necessary.

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