A rival smuggler named Zia Cordier has stolen cargo from Reyes Vidal. Hoping to retrieve the cargo before his client discovers it's missing, Reyes asked you to help him locate Zia.


Visit Ryes in his room at the Tratarus in Kadara Slums after the completion of Murder in Kadara Port


Meet Reyes at Kralla's SongEdit

It turns out that Zia is Reyes' ex. Umi, the bartender, says she overheard a conversation where Zia shall meet someone at Spirits' Ledge. Reyes will follow up a Collective lead, while Ryder investigates Spirits' Ledge.

Go to the meeting spot at Spirits' LedgeEdit

No one is here. Maybe the meeting is over.

Search for signs of Zia's meetingEdit

In a rock there is something looking like a door. Something might be hidden inside. SAM says there might me a control for the door nearby. Use the scanner to follow the cable to a console. Use it and go back to the door.

Examine dead dropEdit

A data pad and nothing else. It's a navpoint. Reyes speculates, that it's probably the location of the cargo that Zia left here for the buyer. This complicated arrangement is to avoid that Sloane gets a cut from the deal.

Meet Reyes at the navpointEdit

The building is empty. It was a setup by Zia to trick Reyes coming. She accuses him for having taken all the good deals in Kadara. So now the smugglers have ganged together to stop him. Defeat the smugglers, and the mission completes.

You might want to talk with him before leaving the building.


530 xp, 73 AVP, +5% Kadara viability.

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