Poison Strike is a power in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. It is available for the Cabal Vanguard character in the Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Poison Strike Edit

Slash through an enemy line while encased in this biotic barrier causing instant biotic damage and applying a poison effect that does damage over time to every hit enemy.

Invulnerable while this power is in effect.

  • Recharge Speed: 8 sec
  • Range: 12m
  • Biotic Damage: 500
  • Poison Damage Per Second: 75
  • Poison Duration: 5 sec

Rank 2: Recharge Speed Edit

Increase recharge speed by 25%.

  • Recharge Speed: 6.40 sec

Rank 3: Damage Edit

Increase damage by 20%.

  • Biotic Damage: 600
  • Poison Damage Per Second: 90

Rank 4: Damage/Range Edit


Increase damage by 30%.

  • Biotic Damage: 750
  • Poison Damage Per Second: 112.5


Increase range by 40%.

  • Range: 16.80 m

Rank 5: Poison Duration/Recharge Speed Edit

Poison Duration

Increase poison duration by 60%.

  • Poison Duration: 8 sec

Recharge Speed

Increase recharge speed by 35%.

  • Recharge Speed: 5 sec

Rank 6: Poison Strength/Double Dash Edit

Poison Strength

Increase poison damage by 50%.
Paralyze up to 2 unshielded enemies for 4 seconds.

  • Poison Damage Per Second: 180 (Damage), 127.5 (Range)

Double Dash

Reduce dash range by 40%, but only every other dash triggers a cooldown.

Player Notes Edit

  • Poison Strike fills a similar role as Biotic Charge, Havoc Strike and Shadow Strike; but has the following differences:
    • Poison Strike does not lock onto a target at any range but instead launches the Turian Cabal Vanguard a set distance, damaging enemies in her path.
    • Poison Strike does not restore the Turian Cabal Vanguard's barrier, but she is invulnerable during the power's animation.
    • Poison Strike does not require locking onto a target, and it can be used to quickly pass through walls, solid objects, or other obstacles.
  • By aiming slightly down into the floor, Poison Strike will cover a shorter distance, allowing a skilled player more accurate jumps. This is particularly useful when reviving fallen teammates. With the Double Dash evolution, the Cabal becomes an exceptional medic.

Availability Edit

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