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Planet scanning is a system that began with Mass Effect 2 and continued into Mass Effect 3. In the original game, players would use the ground transport vehicle dubbed "Mako" and search for minerals on the surface. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, players scan planets from the Galaxy Map, scan for minerals using the Nomad ND1 - the upgraded version of the Mako and additionally have a scanner on their Omni-tool. Scanning for resources is important as materials are needed to craft armor, weapon and Nomad upgrades. They are also needed to craft special items for npc's.

Via the Galaxy Map

As players traverse the Andromeda Galaxy, they will enter new star systems. These systems contain several planets as well as anomalies that may be in a planet's orbit, inside an asteroid belt, simply floating in space, or trapped by the Scourge. Some quests also have players scanning for path signatures left behind by traveling shuttles, ships and satellites.

After a player has entered a star system, if there is an off-planet anomaly, the player will hear Suvi mention it. Using the mouse or controller, activate the scanner. A circle with an arrow will appear on the map. Move the circle and watch the direction of the arrow. Follow the direction the arrow points until the circle is green. Then use the control key (LMB for PC) to launch a probe. If something is found, click again to move to the location of the anomaly, and one more time to collect the item, or discover more details.

If Suvi does not immediately mention an anomaly, traverse from planet to planet within the system. Planets that a player has not scanned or visited will have a blue icon with an exclamation point on it near the name of the planet. Once the Tempest has moved closer to the planet, use the scan control on the planet. If the circle with the arrow does not appear and Suvi does not say anything, then there is nothing to scan on the planet and you can move on to the next one. Once all the planets and anomalies have been scanned in a system, the system will say "Progression 100%" under the system name at the top of the player's screen.

If there is an item to be found, then locate and scan it just as you would from the system view.

Via the Nomad

While mineral scanning from a vehicle is not new, the way a player does it is. Areas near Forward Stations of most often, is not always, a good source of minerals. Areas that hold minerals will have a white mountain looking icon on the player's map. SAM will also mention areas that should be scanned when the player is close to them. Use the Nomad's scanner using the appropriate control (listed on the scanner on the UI) and simply drive around the area. As mineral is found, player's will see it represented on the scanner. Drive around the area a bit more to make sure the signal is as strong as it's going to get, then deploy a mining device. The tool will drill in the area marked by the Nomad and a surrounding radius. The ore in the area will immediately be transferred to the player's inventory.

Via the Omni-tool

The majority of mineral gathering is done with the map and Nomad tools but players will also locate mineral nodes while completing missions on the planet surface. Most nodes will only require direct interaction ('E' on PC) but occasionally SAM advice a player of an 'unknown mineral'. This mineral could be something the player has not encountered before, or it could be a special need by an NPC. Use the Omni-tool and scan the node.

Resources and LocationsEdit

If JavaScript is enabled, the columns may be sorted by clicking on the up/down arrow icons in the column headers.

Icon Name Type Planet Name Galaxy Scan Surface Scan
Cd Cadmium Mineral
Cu Copper Mineral
Be Beryllium Mineral
Si Silicon Mineral
N Nickel Mineral
C Graphite Mineral
Li Lithium Mineral
Pt Platinum Mineral
Ze Element Zero Mineral
U Uranium Mineral
Fe Iron Mineral
V Vanadium Mineral
F Fluorite Mineral
Ti Titanium Mineral
Remnant Polymer Tech
Omni-Gel Canister Tech
Angaran Meditation Crystal Tech
Kett Alloy Tech
Remnant Core Tech
Soft Chitin Bio
Shell Fragments Bio

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