Disambiguous This article is about resources which include minerals and materials used for developing items in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the assignment in Mass Effect, see UNC: Valuable Minerals. For the planetary resources scanning system in Mass Effect 2, see Planet Scanning. For the system in Mass Effect 3 to recover War Assets, see Search and Rescue.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, the player's inventory resources tab consists of 5 main categories. Items in resources do not count towards the item inventory limit.

Minerals Edit

Minerals are useful chemical elements found in Mass Effect: Andromeda. These elements can be acquired by several different methods.

Acquisition Edit


All minerals can be gained by purchasing from certain merchants. Players can increase the maximum purchasable amount of materials by unlocking the Supply Lines cryo pod perk.


When exploring a star system or celestial objects via the galaxy map, Suvi may alert the player of an anomaly. Locating and probing the anomaly may yield some minerals or salvage although it does not return as much minerals compared to mining.


While mining minerals from a vehicle is not new to the Mass Effect series, the method differs in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

  • While exploring a planet, the player can establish a forward station marked as Map icon forwardstation and mining zones indicated as Map icon mineral are then revealed on the map.
  • If the ND1 Nomad is within a mining zone, SAM will notify the player that the area can be mined for resources.
    • Toggle open the Nomad's mining computer display and drive around the mining zone until one or more of the mineral column signal increases.
    • Drive around a bit more to make sure the signal is as strong as it's going to get, then deploy a mining drone.
  • The drone will mine in a radius outlined by an orange line; the player can no longer find any resources within this perimeter.
  • All minerals gathered will be transferred to the player's inventory immediately.
  • When almost all minerals have been mined in the area, the SAM and the mining display will indicate that the zone is depleted.
  • Additional mining zones can be revealed if the player unlocks the Expanded Field Analysis and Expanded Field Analysis II cryo pod perks.
On Foot

Players will also locate mineral nodes while completing missions by foot on the planet surface. Most nodes will only require direct interaction ('E' on PC) but occasionally SAM will advise a player of an 'unknown mineral'. This mineral could be something the player has not encountered before, or it could be a special request by an NPC. Use the Omni-tool and scan the node. Containers also might have minerals.

Icon Element (Symbol) Rarity Description Acquired from
Aluminum icon Aluminum (Al) Common A valuable non-magnetic light metal, useful in construction and manufacturing despite its relatively low melting point. Mining - Eos, Kadara
Beryllium icon Beryllium (Be) Common An ideal metal for lightweight construction in a variety of applications. Useful as an alloying element. Mining - Kadara, Voeld
Cadmium icon Cadmium (Cd) Uncommon A metal often used in constructing electronic components and in complex manufacturing. On Foot - Eos, Kadara, Voeld
Copper icon Copper (Cu) Common Copper is a noble metal with high conductivity that makes it useful for a variety of purposes. Mining - Kadara, Voeld
Element zero icon Element Zero (Ez) Ultra Rare Electrically stimulated element zero creates “mass effect” fields. It’s the basis of much modern technology, including faster-than-light travel. Mining - Elaaden, Voeld

On Foot - Elaaden

Florite icon Fluorite (F) Uncommon A mineral used for creating precision scientific lenses, among other applications. On Foot - Elaaden, Eos, Voeld
Graphite icon Graphite (C) Common This crystalline carbon mineral is an electrical conductor and a useful part of many manufacturing processes. Mining - Elaaden, Eos
Iridium icon Iridium (Ir) Uncommon A hard, ultra-dense metallic element that is highly resistant to heat and corrosion. On Foot - Kadara
Iron icon Iron (Fe) Common A common metallic element found in many planetary cores. Broadly useful for multiple engineering purposes. Mining - Elaaden, Eos, H-047c
Lithium icon Lithium (Li) Uncommon A useful light metal used in multiple engineering applications, including vehicle batteries, radiation shields, and high-quality steel production. On Foot - Kadara, Voeld
Magnesium icon Magnesium (Mg) Common Magnesium is a light and sturdy metal. Magnesium alloys are integral to many complex Initiative structures. Mining - H-047c, Havarl
Nickel icon Nickel (Ni) Uncommon A corrosion-resistant transition metal useful for manufacturing purposes. On Foot - Elaaden, H-047c, Havarl
Platinium icon Platinum (Pt) Rare Platinum is a malleable noble metal with multiple catalytic applications. Also possesses a degree of cultural cachet among humans. Mining - H-047c, Voeld

On Foot - H-047c, Havarl

Silicon icon Silicon (Si) Common A metalloid element useful in electronics manufacturing and the fabrication of ceramic compounds. Mining - Elaaden, H-047c
Titanium icon Titanium (Ti) Rare This extremely strong transition metal vital for manufacturing starship components and other equipment. Mining - H-047c, Kadara

On Foot - H-047c

Uranium icon Uranium (U) Uncommon A heavy, radioactive element valuable in nuclear technologies and, in its depleted state, for armor plating. On Foot - H-047c, Kadara
Vanadium icon Vanadium (V) Rare This rare metal can be used to produce various construction alloys. Mining - Eos

On Foot - Elaaden

Materials Edit

Tech materials are “species”-specific base materials that are almost always required in crafting an item. An item’s technological origin is easily identified by its base material. Other than acquiring the materials from fallen enemies, they can also be gained from dismantling a weapon or armor.

Bio materials are anatomical parts of animal wildlife used in creating equipment, usually of the Heleus cluster kind (since the wildlife you encounter are native to the area).

Tech and bio materials can also be purchased from selected merchants or found in found in containers while exploring on foot.

Icon Name Type Rarity Description Dropped From
Angaran meditation crystal icon Angaran Meditation Crystal Tech Common An apparently delicate crystal incorporating angaran technology to produce an electromagnetic field. The field reacts soothingly with angaran biology but has other applications as well. Angara, Roekaar
Erioch fluid sack icon Eiroch Fluid Sac Bio Rare Sacs inside eirochs contain a fluid used to suspend delicate electronic components. The standard synthetic alternative is in extremely short supply. Eiroch, Fiend
Kett alloy icon Kett Alloy Tech Common The kett utilize a number of unfamiliar alloys in their technology. At this time, the Initiative is unable to replicate most of them. Kett
Omni-gel canister icon Omni-Gel Canister Tech Common A semi-molten mixture of alloys and synthetic polymers used in Milky Way technology for rapid fabrication. Outlaws
Remnant core icon Remnant Core Bio Ultra Rare This compact core of Remnant circuitry and power cells has a limited self-repair capability. Properly stimulated, it might be able to “seed” similar tech into other devices. Architect
Remnant polymer icon Remnant Polymer Tech Common A synthetic polymer of incredible durability and conductive properties, fashioned by Remnant technology through unknown means. Remnant
Renderable plates icon Renderable Plates Bio Common The tissues of these animal plates can be rendered into a variety of adhesives and lubricants at a fraction of the cost of producing synthetic equivalents. Adhi, Eiroch, Galorn, Taurg
Scale fibers icon Scale Fibers Bio Common These scales are layered with an unusual natural fiber similar to spider silk. It could be chemically modified to create a material with strength and elasticity. Challyrion, Rylkor
Shell filaments icon Shell Filaments Bio Common A keratin-like structure forms the basis of shell plating on certain creatures. If replicated, this biopolymer could prove useful in kinetic padding. Drall, Echidna, Kaerkyn, Taurg
Soft chitin icon Soft Chitin Bio Common The chitin of certain Heleus creatures is constantly strengthened and repaired by colonies of microorganisms. Study could lead to breakthroughs in materials technology. Shemrys, Spitbug

Salvage Edit

Salvage are items that has no uses other than selling to a merchant for credits. Different salvage items differ in value; the higher the value, the more credits gained for selling it.

Augmentations Edit

Main article: Augmentations

Augmentations are special optional components which can be added into a blueprint when developing a weapon or armor to grant various bonuses or change its basic functionality.

Special Items Edit

Special items are objects that may be used to fulfil the requirements of a task or mission. They cannot be sold or destroyed.

Name Description Required for
Akantha A popular brand of asari liquor renowned for its warm, smoky flavor and sweet aftertaste. Movie Night: Raise a Glass
Archon's Flagship Model A finely crafted scale model which can be displayed in the Pathfinder's Quarters on the Tempest -
Citadel Model A finely crafted scale model which can be displayed in the Pathfinder's Quarters on the Tempest -
Cybernetic Device This device, and its accompanying software, will compensate for the damage to Alain nigh's spinal implants, enabling them to function correctly. The Firefighters
Humane Trap A humane trap designed to capture a small creature alive for future study. The Visitor
Last of the Legion A special edition OSD of "Last of the Legion," critically panned upon its release but popular on turian military bases. Movie Night: The Final Piece
Liam's Armor Requisition This project's requisitions armor for what Liam is calling a "diplomatic effort.". He wasn't specific. Liam Kosta: Armor Diplomacy
ND1 Nomad Model A finely crafted scale model which can be displayed in the Pathfinder's Quarters on the Tempest -
Nexus Model A finely crafted scale model which can be displayed in the Pathfinder's Quarters on the Tempest -
Remnant Decryption Key Remnant decryption keys can be used to bypass any glyph-locked Remnant console. Unfortunately, the key is always destroyed in the process. Bypass Remnant console glyph puzzles
Remnant Fighter Model A finely crafted scale model which can be displayed in the Pathfinder's Quarters on the Tempest -
Scourge Data Capsule ANALYSIS: A data capsule of targeted Scourge trajectory data, collected to aid in modifying Khi Tasira exploration and navigation systems in service of location Meridian. Meridian: The Way Home
Snacks A large bag of popcorn and a container of graxen, popular snacks from the Milky Way. Movie Night: Snacks
Tavarv Plant A nutritious plant which, properly dried and prepared, is given to angaran children as a snack. Movie Night: Better Snacks
Vid Components Angaran electrodermal transmission components. With work, they would be compatible with the Tempest's vid systems. Movie Night: The Right Setup
Vorn's Flower for Kesh Vorn asked you to give Kesh a flower that he's named after her. Task: A Flower for Kesh