Location: Milky Way / Argos Rho / Phoenix

Phoenix is a medium system with five planets and two asteroid belts.

Prerequisite: Priority: Geth Dreadnought (Mass Effect 3)

This system may be named for the phoenix, a mythical bird from Arabia that burns itself in a fire and is reincarnated from the ashes every 500 years. The stellar mass is derived from Tuntau's Keplerian ratio, based on its orbital distance of "nearly 20 AU". That implies the 19-20 AU range and a mass of 1.7-1.8. A value of 1.7 was chosen because it better aligns with the "main sequence" chart.

In Mass Effect, Intai'sei was visually added as the fifth and outermost planet of Phoenix but its ingame numbers actually placed it third, between Sysalto and Tuntau. The error is addressed in Mass Effect 3 and the updated system map now places the third to fifth planets in the correct order.

Carbonaceous Asteroid Edit

This asteroid is emitting a weak, intermittent signal at a frequency of 1540 MHz. Radius: 71 km.

“During a scan of the Phoenix system asteroid field, you detected an odd energy reading that Tali determined was quarian in nature. She led a recon team into the asteroid field, where she discovered an abandoned freighter. The team could not determine why the ship was there, but they did find a Prothean data disc on board.”

Intai'sei Edit

Intai'sei is the third planet orbiting the star Phoenix.

Main article: Intai'sei

Mass Effect Edit

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Patashi Edit

Patashi is the first planet orbiting the star Phoenix.

Main article: Patashi

Pinnacle Station Edit

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Sylsalto Edit

Sylsalto is the second planet orbiting the star Phoenix.

Main article: Sylsalto

Tuntau Edit

Tuntau is the fourth planet orbiting the star Phoenix.

Main article: Tuntau

Vebinok Edit

Vebinok is the fifth planet orbiting the star Phoenix.

Main article: Vebinok

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