Find rare Remnant tech so Peebee can perfect her scanner.


Starts automatically upon the completion of Peebee: Secret Project.


Read email from PeebeeEdit

New Project
To: Ryder
From: Peebee

Heya! I've got a new Remnant project in the works. It's gonna be big! Come say hi in my room on the Tempest, will ya?


Acknowledge it to get the next objective.

Speak to Peebee on the TempestEdit

She now has given her new Remnant Observer the name Poc (Proof of Concept).

The limitation of the present Remnant scanner is that it only detects Remnant tech that has already been encountered. The new project is a scanner that also detects tech that hasn't been encountered yet. She needs Ryder's help to get three rare components to make that work.

Go to Remnant ruins on EosEdit

The first piece is on an island in the southern lake.

Use the console to raise pylons from the water, then use the pylons to jump up to the tallest column. A bridge will spawn as you run forward towards some Remnant; once they are defeated, more enemies will spawn on other columns.

Eliminate them. You can then run to either column (more bridges will appear) to jump down to the island.

Recover rem-tech piece on EosEdit

After you pick up the relic, you receive 29 AVP and +2% Eos viability. Some bandits arrive to try to claim the Remnant site; defeat them.

There is an Adaptive Remnant Core Device to scan for 100 Remnant research data.

A nearby console activates a gravity well that can be used to transport you back across the water.

Go to Remnant ruins on HavarlEdit

Enter the underground Remnant facility.

Recover rem-tech piece on HavarlEdit

Go to the navpoint. Defeat the Remnant on the way; you notice some exile bodies on the floor. There is a datapad on the floor next to one of them.

Personal Log: Butch
Ha! We're in! Found a broken access point into this Remnant structure. We're gonna get the piece the bosses are after, and I'm gonna win that bet after all!


Rylie, who is behind the door at the navpoint, says she was a part of their team, and they had orders to clear the site before Ryder's team arrived. She hands over the Remnant piece.

You receive 29 AVP and +2% Havarl viability.

Go to Remnant ruins on KadaraEdit

When you arrive a team of outlaws are already there.

Defeat the outlawsEdit

They are only a few.

Search the Kadara site for rem-tech pieceEdit

It's not there. Instead you find a datapad with an audio message from the leader of the outlaw gang, the krogan Krannit. He has taken the rem-tech piece and wants to sell it.

Meet Peebee in Kadara Port to acquire rem-tech piece from outlaw kroganEdit

Meet Peebee at the navpoint. She thinks it can't be a coincidence those outlaws have showed up on every site. "I think they could be following us somehow", she says.

Suddenly Kallo interupts on the comm. There has been an intruder on the Tempest, and Poc is gone. The thief left a piece of rem-tech and a message. It's from Kalinda T'Reve, Peebees ex-friend that showed up in her Nexus apartment earlier. She says the piece of rem-tech is an adequate payment for Poc, and she also lets them know that Krannit was working for her. However, Peebee needs Poc's storage device to complete the Rem-tech scanner. Peebee says she's sorry Ryder got involved, and that she will take care of this issue herself.

When the conversation is over, the mission completes, and the follow-up mission Peebee: Reclaiming Poc starts automatically.


  • 530 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • +2% Kadara viability

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