This is Peebee's loyalty misson.

Peebe has found something she wants to share with you


Starts automatically upon the completion of Peebee: Reclaiming Poc.


Speak to Peebee in the Tempest's escape podEdit

Peebee now has the Remnant scanner up and working, and she is very excited about a signal the scanner has detected. She think sit's coming from some raw Remnant programming tech. Of course she wants to track it to it's source, and is eager to get Ryder along. The coordinates are uploaded.

Go to Pas-10 in the Inalaara systemEdit

Kallo had difficulties finding a landing spot so Peebee to the matter in her own hand, and recklessly ejected the escape pod without consideration of anyones safety, or how they should get back.

Pursue the source of the Remnant signalEdit

The signal is coming from a volcano so the pod landed close to that.

===Find a way through the Remnant gateway. A remnant gate is blocking the way. In a rock is a Remnant Power node that can remove the blocking structure. Destroy the rock to get access, e.g. shoot it.

Explore the cavern depthsEdit

The seismic activity is increasing. There are idle, unprogrammed observers spread out in the cave.Nearby the next blocking gate is a console, which can be used the get an observer helper that can perform simple tasks. It opens the gaate for you.

Kallo hasn't been able to find a spot to pick up the team. However, he had detected some smaller vehicles making their way to the surface. Nothing else is known about them.

Reach and explore the surfaceEdit

When exiting the tunnel to the surface Peebee's exfriend Kalinda shows up in a shuttle. She is tracking the same signal as Peebee. Now its a race to get there first.

A bit ahead is another gate that has be unlocked using a nearby console. Defeat the Remnants.

Continue navigating through the ridgeEdit

A small plaform has an antenna that can be extended, which will provide a way to get across to the other side.

=Find a way to extend the Remnant antennaEdit

Activate the turret - it will fight your enemies. Activate the antenna console. Defend your position while SAM is hacking the console.

Cross the bridge gap and continue to track the signal sourceEdit

Jump across the lava flow. After jumping down a big boulder is blocking the way. SAM suggests getting an observer that exploits a fissure in the rock.

Find and use the Remnant console to summon an allied ObserverEdit

There is turret that can be activated from a console next to it. Nearby the turrets is the console in a rock. When you activate it a destroyer and some other Remnants attacks.

Scan the boulder, and the Observer splits the boulder along the fissure. It sinks down. Now you have a path to go.

A little bit ahead Kalinda orders some of ther raiders to stop you.

Pursue Kalinda toward the the source of the Remnant signalEdit

Defeat the raiders and continue ahead. Jalinda sets off an explosion to blocck their path, and a another group of raiders lead by the krogan Krannit has to be eliminated.

Use the console to get an Observeer helper. The power node above the door needs to be repaired. Scan it and the Observer will fix it.

After you have jumped down in a big room Kalinda sends more of her forces against you - including a Hydra mech.

Intercept KalindaEdit

Further ahead the passage is blocked by lava. To get a way acroos, spawn a friendly Observer to activate the Power Node above the lava. After that you see Kalinda and Peebee racing to the device that is emitting the signal. Peebee wins, while Kalinda is hanging with the lava flow below her. The plaform with the device starts tilting. Peebe is rushing to help Kalinda. You are given the choises:

  • Shoot Kalinda.
  • Don't shoot, and Kalinda is saved.

Run to Kalinda's escape shuttle to get off the planet


  • Peebee's rank 6 skills are unlocked.
  • If you saved Kalinda she will appear to assist Ryder during the final fight in the game.


1330 xp.

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