Pathfinder HQ overview

The Pathfinder HQ] section of Operations in mission planning and a trophy room for the pathfinder crew.

Layout Edit

The headquarters is multi-leveled with the lowest level containing a secretary desk adjoining the door to the rest of the Operations wing. The middle tier contains several display cases with scan-able objects and holographs documenting the exploratory accomplishments of the Milky Way races. The upper tier contains the initiative director's desk now occupied by Director Tann.

Trivia Edit

  • As the various arks are recovered, their Pathfinders will congregate in HQ, where they can be asked questions. After the third of the three ark-recovery side-missions is completed, Ryder will be invited to HQ for drinks with the other Pathfinders; although not listed anywhere as a mission, the get-together triggers when Ryder next enters the HQ (unless the mission The Journey To Meridian awaits triggering, in which case this is put on hold until a couple of steps in the mission are completed.
  • Cora, despite not being a Pathfinder herself, can also be found in the HQ.

Datapads Edit

Found on a coffee table on the middle tier

Notable European Interplanetary Missions
Donated to the Andromeda Initiative Historical Records Council
All dates are in Common Era (CE).

1985-1992: Giotto -- First ESA deep space mission; first ESA mission to intercept an asteroid (Halley & Grigg-Skjellerup)
1990: Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope
1992: Ulysses -- First ESA mission to Sol; first polar orbit around Sol
1997: Huygens -- First ESA mission to Titan, a Saturn moon
2003: Mars Express -- first ESA mission to Mars
Also in 2003: SMART-1 -- First ESA mission to Luna
2004: Rosetta -- First ESA mission to orbit an asteroid (67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko)
2006: Venus Express -- First ESA mission to Venus
Also in 2006: Huygens -- First successful landing on an outer Solar System world (Titan)
2014: Rosetta -- First artificial probe to make a soft landing on an asteroid (76P)
2016: ExoMars -- First ESA probe landing on Mars (contact lost)
2018: BepiColombo -- First ESA mission to Mercury
2022 Juice -- First ESA mission to the Jupiter system