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Pathfinders are a blend of elite soldier, scientist, and guide tasked by the Andromeda Initiative to find a new home for Milky Way colonists seeking to settle in the Andromeda galaxy. Each of the Initiative's five Arks are assigned their own Pathfinder, and each Pathfinder heads their own team to handle the challenges of an unexplored galaxy.

Role Edit

Pathfinders are the "tip of the spear" for exploring new worlds. While planetary surveying is typically a long-term, multiple-team process, the Initiative found an alternative, thanks to Alec Ryder's AI research: an individual equipped with the best training and technology available, and an AI partner than can run complex studies in seconds and a hundred test simulations a minute.

With AI support, Pathfinders can determine within hours whether a planet is suitable for habitation, and direct the Nexus as to what colonist block stands the best chance there. Pathfinders are trained to improve the viability of potential planets, initiate first contact with unknown species, find suitable outpost sites, and handle any external threats before the first colonist touches soil.

The presence of a Pathfinder is a reassurance that a planet can be settled safely and with a high expectation of success.

Known Pathfinders Edit

  • Alec Ryder - Human Pathfinder. Former N7. Died from asphyxiation on Habitat 7.
  • Pathfinder Ryder - Human Pathfinder. Replaces Alec Ryder.
  • Zevin Raeka - Salarian Pathfinder. Fate is ultimately up to Pathfinder Ryder.
  • Lumont Hayjer - Salarian Pathfinder. Former ark Paarchero captain. Replaces Zevin Raeka.
  • Matriarch Ishara - Asari Pathfinder. Killed by Sarissa on ark Leusinia.
  • Sarissa - Asari Pathfinder. Replaces Matriarch Ishara. Can be relieved of duty by Pathfinder Ryder.
  • Vederia - Asari Pathfinder. Replaces Sarissa if she is relieved of duty.
  • Macen Barro - Turian Pathfinder. Killed as a result of the Scourge.
  • Avitus Rix - Turian Pathfinder. Former Spectre. Replaces Macen Barro.

AI Partners Edit

Each Pathfinder is supported by their species' own copy of the byproduct of Alec Ryder's AI research. These AI are universally called SAM (Simulated Adaptive Matrix) and are neurally linked to their Pathfinder through the use of implants, assisting them in combat and research. However, as a result of this link, a SAM unit can be heavily damaged, should their current Pathfinder perish. As such, a SAM must be transferred if a Pathfinder is functioning but critically wounded.

  • Human SAM - Ark: Hyperion. First SAM developed. Modified by Alec Ryder.
  • Salarian SAM - Ark: Paarchero. Deactivated by Zevin Raeka following a kett invasion of the ship.
  • Asari SAM - Ark: Leusinia. Status unknown. Likely damaged by Matriarch Ishara's death.
  • Turian SAM - Ark: Natanus. Damaged as a result of transfer interruption following Macen Barro's death.

References Edit

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