Location: Milky Way / Hades Nexus / Pamyat

Pamyat is a medium system with four planets and an asteroid belt.

Prerequisite: Priority: Rannoch (Mass Effect 3)

Pamyat used to be a hotbed of small-scale pirate activity preying on whatever meager resources miners eked out of the system. By late-2184 to early 2185 pirates have apparently been cleansed from the system, an improbable incident likened by spacer Cora Harper to "trying to pick the fleas off a dog with tweezers."

Pamyat is Russian for "memory." The system's planets are likely named for Georgy Dobrovolski, Vladislav Volkov, Viktor Patsayev and Vladimir Komarov, all Soviet cosmonauts who died during spaceflight. See also the Mass Effect 2 Planetary Exploration Dev Diary.

Chazov BeltEdit

Asteroid belt which includes the planet Volkov, an asteroid resembling cat ears at some angles, and the planetoid Quiet Eddy.


Dobrovolski is the second planet orbiting the star Pamyat.

Main article: Dobrovolski


Komarov is the first planet orbiting the star Pamyat.

Main article: Komarov


Patsayev is the third planet orbiting the star Pamyat.

Main article: Patsayev


Volkov is the fourth planet orbiting the star Pamyat.

Main article: Volkov

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