While Driving around in Northern Elaaden, the Nomad begins to spark. Eventually it will break down and Ryder will be contacted by a man named Hardy, who offers assistance.

Acquisition Edit

'Out of Gass' Starting location

The Nomad breaks down in the north area of the map(around the green dot).

Drive around the area marked on the map until the Nomad starts acting up.The Nomad will give several warning spurts before breaking down altogether. Until it breaks down extraction will still work, and the Nomad will function as long as you don't drive back to where it was starting to break down. After the Nomad breaks down, Ryder hears over comms that Gil is working on one of the Tempest's thrusters, and the ship won't be able to fly for a while, so extraction is out. Fast travel is also disabled. (Fast travel will work if you move a bit to the south, but this is a bad idea since the Nomad will stay disabled.)

Walkthrough Edit

A scavenger named Hardy comes up and tells Ryder that he might have just the part Ryder needs. There's nothing much to do except head for his camp -- a bit north of the breakdown, under a tree, which is very unusual for this part of Elaaden.

Talk to Hardy/Get the part Edit

Hardy comes clean almost immediately. He's been preying on passing vehicles with an EMP generator which disables their engines, stripping them for salvage and killing the occupants if they resist. He would have attacked Ryder too, but he was pretty sure he'd lose. Instead, Hardy is willing to sell Ryder a replacement for the fried circuit board.

The options are to either pay 500 credits for the board, or simply shoot this idiot and take the board from a nearby shipping crate.

Start up the Nomad Edit

Return to the Nomad and enter it. The part works, and everything is back to normal.

Rewards Edit

270 XP, 29 Andromeda Viability Points, +2% viability for Elaaden.

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