Opold is a hanar shopkeeper in the Port Hanshan Plaza, on Noveria. He sells basic supplies, upgrades and non-human armour.

Opold asks Shepard to bring a package through the security systems at Port Hanshan. The Commander's Spectre status means the alarms will not be triggered by the package's contents (a weapons mod). Opold is concerned because the package has been delayed already and the recipient, a short-tempered krogan called Inamorda, is becoming impatient. Opold will pay Shepard for the help; the Commander can pressure Opold for a larger payout. If Shepard trades with Inamorda independently or reports Opold to Administrator Anoleis, the hanar becomes angry, but will still trade with Shepard, albeit grudgingly.

Shepard can also keep the weapons mod, in which case Inamorda and a gang of krogan will attack the Commander outside the SSV Normandy; Opold will then be blasé about the weapons mod, claiming that it no longer matters, and that the galaxy is a better place without Inamorda.

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