The Resistance lookouts mentioned angara who were captured by the kett. Someone at Hjara might know more about this.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is acquired automatically after speaking with the scouts as a part of the Meet the Resistance mission and you went to Voeld before Havarl.

Note: : If you go to Havarl before Voeld this mission have been replaced with Eyes on the Ground although the mission contents are identical.

Walkthrough Edit

Go to HjaraEdit

At the map marker are some angarans getting ambushed by kett. Help them defeat the kett quickly before your life support is depleted. Before jumping back into the Nomad, you can talk to one of the angara.

Follow the path down to Hjara. Note that the Nomad's shields are taking steady damage on the way, so activate the nearby forward station if you must before heading into Hjara.

When you arrive you receive 270 XP.

Speak to SkeotEdit

You find an angara named Skeot arguing with another, cautious angara. He tells you that his uncle Niilj is being held in a kett labor camp, but if he is moved away he may be lost forever. Skeot will give Ryder the navpoint to the camp.


270 XP (earned during a previous objective).

Aftermath Edit

The mission Stage a Rescue is acquired automatically.

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