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Omni Grenade Edit

Tap Button: Throws a grenade that causes area damage after 2 seconds fuse.

Hold Button: Shortens the grenade's fuse timer before throwing. The grenade will explode if held too long.

Requires power cells.

Ranks Edit

Cost Rank Description Bonus
1 Omni Grenade Allows to use grenades Dmg: 1000, Radius: 4, Capacity: 1
2 Grenade Capacity Increases grenades capacity +1 Capacity
3 Damage Increases grenades damage +20% Damage
4 Sticky Grenade Grenades stick to surfaces and enemies. Holding the button no longer affects fuse time.
4 Frag Grenade Increases damage and radius +25% Damage

+60% Radius

5 Grenade Capacity Increases grenades capacity +2 Capacity
5 Shrapnel Deals additional damage over time DPS: 45

Duration: 5 s

6 Anti-Armor Deals additional damage vs armored enemies +50% Damage vs. Armor
6 Anti-Shield Deals additional damage vs shields +50% Damage vs. Shields

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