A group of settlers have created a cult to worship a massive mchine the call "Old Skinner". Their leader, Bishop, left to pay a tribute in Kurinth's Valley but has not returned.


Talk with Christmas Tate in the Kadara outpost (the eastern building).


Search for BishopEdit


Remains of Bishop

He went to the far North west of the mapp. When you approach you will see an Architect floating in the air. At the navpoint is the remains of Bishop and his datapad. On it is an audio log with Bishops final words.

Defeat the ArchitectEdit

When it's defeated, you gett 2660 xp.

Interact with its head and loot the container. You'll get one Remnant data core for Task: Remnant Data Cores.


You might wish to return to Christmas Tate the report about what happened.

On the Galaxy Map you can see the Architect Husk: Kadara. Click it for 50 Remnant research data.


530 xp, 400 AVP, +10% Kadara viability.

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