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E. Lang charshot
Eddie Lang
C-Sec Officer
Voice Actor
Steve Staley
Mass Effect
Officer Eddie Lang is a C-Sec officer on the Citadel. Standing guard near a parking lot for skycars in the Wards, he greets Commander Shepard enthusiastically; he has heard of Shepard's achievements, leading the squad to tease that the Commander has a fan.

Lang is happy to answer Shepard's questions about the Citadel and C-Sec. He joined C-Sec partly out of family tradition, since his grandfather was a police officer on Earth. Lang has lived on the Citadel for approximately a year, but claims not to have seen even a tenth of the station. He likes the Wards and suggests the Commander visit Flux.

Lang can tell Shepard a little more about how people perceive Spectres: while they are portrayed as super-agents in vids, many C-Sec officers dislike them. He becomes more uneasy when discussing Harkin, saying he does not feel he has the right to criticise him, but gives his opinion on the rumours: "They suspended him, so some of it must be true."

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