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The Oculus is a fast-moving device used by the Reapers as a space and atmospheric superiority craft. They were first seen being used by the Collectors to protect the Collector base.

Oculi are cybernetic constructs, being piloted (in the case of those used by the Collectors) by a single Collector drone. Each drone is stripped down until only its nervous system remains, with the remaining tissue hardened to withstand vacuum and integration into an Oculus shell.

Oculi possess powerful beam weapons, similar to other Reaper and Collector weaponry, and can invade an enemy ship by cutting into its hull after jettisoning part of its armor.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Oculus Combat
Enemy Container-A
Type Synthetic
Faction Collectors
Armament Particle Beam Weapon
Abilities None
Armor Very High
Locations Tartarus Debris Field

The Normandy SR-2 was attacked by several Oculi when attempting to reach the Collector base. The Oculi were apparently left on guard in the local debris field and only activated as the Normandy approached. While most of the Oculi were destroyed by the Normandy's weapons or by accidentally flying into debris, one was able to penetrate the ship's hangar deck, losing its outer shell in the process. It was eventually destroyed by Commander Shepard.

It is likely that the Collectors gained the Oculus technology from the Reapers.

Jack will be killed by an Oculus' particle beam unless Shepard upgrades the Normandy SR-2 with Heavy Ship Armor.

Capabilities Edit


The Oculus' beam weapon is much stronger than an ordinary particle beam, and will blast away any shields or barriers in a moment, especially on higher difficulties. It fires its weapon in very long bursts, thus anything longer than a brief exposure to this weapon could be fatal.


The Oculus has an incredibly strong armor, which acts as its health.

Tactics Edit

  • There are two occasions when Shepard and the team face an Oculus. In either case, it will slowly advance and attempt to take a clear shot with its particle beam. While using Tactical Cloak as an Infiltrator does not stop the Oculus from its relentless pursuit of the player, it will still provide the damage bonus it always provides when you fire.
  • In a first case, you only need to lower its armor to about 50% of its "health", and it will retreat. After the cutscene, an Oculus will invade the ship again, and you'll have to fight it to the death. Explosive heavy weapons (such as the ML-77 Missile Launcher or M-100 Grenade Launcher) are quite effective, however, using M-920 Cain is not recommended as its explosion can easily kill you. The Collector Particle Beam and M-451 Firestorm are effective as well, however, you are highly exposed to the Oculus' own particle beam, which is not recommended on higher difficulties. Such powers as Incinerate, Warp, Reave and/or Incendiary Ammo are very good in stripping away its armor. Most biotic powers (except for Warp and Reave) are ineffective. Taking cover is also vital, as well as changing position if exposed to fire. Standard weapons with high armor damage bonuses (such as the M-98 Widow, M-92 Mantis, M-5 Phalanx or M-6 Carnifex) are effective, if a little time consuming and dangerous. Shooting the red "eye" will cause more damage than shooting the silver shell.
  • The Oculus is unaffected by Stasis.
  • The three "shield" powers (Geth Shield Boost, Fortification, and Barrier) are immensely helpful in protecting yourself while fighting the Oculus. Wait until the Oculus is just about to clear your cover, activate the power, and sprint to the other side of the room. If timed correctly, the extra shielding from a maxed-out boost can protect you out in the open all the way to the other side, and the power will be available to you the next time the Oculus reaches your position.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

ME3 Oculus

The Oculus returns in Mass Effect 3, serving as an atmospheric and exoatmospheric fighter and interceptor for Reaper forces. Several Oculi can be seen during the first mission on Earth, attacking Alliance fighters and A-61 Mantis Gunships. Squadrons are also seen in action over Palaven and later during the battle to retake Earth. The Oculus is seen only in cutscenes or in the background of various levels, and cannot be engaged in combat as in Mass Effect 2.

Trivia Edit

  • Oculus is Latin for 'eye'.
  • True to their name, Oculi can see through both the Normandy SR-2's stealth systems and an Infiltrator's Tactical Cloak.
  • The center of a Destroyer's primary beam weapon is identical to an Oculus.
  • The Oculus' design was based on a stereo speaker, and the reference for the eye was HAL 9000.[1]

References Edit

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